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Written by Syria Cartoon   
Thursday, 27 May 2010 19:18

19th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (DICACO)

The Daejeon City is inviting world cartoonists to take part in the 19th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (DICACO).

1.This year's contest comprises a Thema section (titled Oddity - Monster) and a Free section.
2.The size of works should be smaller than 297 mm
Ч 420 mm.
3.Any color, free style, and unlimited items. (+2 Works)
4.Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, e-mail, telephone number, and career on reverse.

5.The deadline for entry is Jun. 30, 2010.

6.Entries should be addressed to the Daejeon International Cartoon Institute,
450, Wolpyongdong, Daejeon, Seoul, KOREA 302-280.
7.The most creative cartoon will win the Grand Prix prize of $3,000, Gold prize of $1,000, Silver prize of $500, Bronze prize of $300, and 300 Selected works will be awarded.
8.Exhibit the cartoons at the Daejeon Public Gallery in Aug. 2010.
9.Submitted cartoons will not be returned, but exhibited forever in Korean public halls, galleries & museums.
10.Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes: cards, posters, catalogs, newspaper, magazine, and books, etc.

From: Cheong San Lim, Ph.D & D.Min
Professor of the Daejeon International Cartoon Institute, 450,Wolpyongdong, Daejeon, 302-280, Seoul Korea.

*You'd better send us "soccer cartoons" to 28th February 2010 & your career, books, works world for DICACO 20 anniversary.

Please check up 30,000 cartoons in Kongju Cyber Cartoons Gallery (www.dicaco.com dicaco.kongju.ac.kr)




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