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International Cartoon Salon-
Botoșani - Romania - 2021

صالون الكرتون الدولي بوتوشاني - رومانيا
الموضوع الموسيقي الروماني الشهير جورج إنيسكو
ترسل الرسوم(2) قبل
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز

Botoșani International Cartoon Salon - First Edition - 2021 is part of the calendar of events organized in Botoșani on the 140th anniversary of the birth of George Enescu, composer, violinist, pianist, conductor and pedagogue, artistic personality of genius of the twentieth century lea.
"I served my country with my weapons: feather, violin and wand" was the creed of the creation of the great musicologist, under whose auspices the events of this year's Salon take place.
The musicologist Viorel Cosma knew

very well and was fascinated by other exceptional valences of the genius of the great composer, by his literary talent but also as a draftsman. "Enescu was an excellent cartoonist." He was the renaissance guy who accumulated a fabulous talent.
The International Cartoon Salon Botoșani - Romania - 2021 is intended to be the first large-scale event organized in Botoșani that tries to bring to the public consciousness this value of the artist's immeasurable genius.
Section I. Organizers
The show takes place under the patronage
Botoșani County Council
Botoșani County Museum
“Ștefan Luchian” Fine Arts Galleries Botoșani
The events are organized by
Artopol’s Art Debelly, president - founder Mihai Debely,
in partnership with Hertzog Publishing House - Tg. Mureș.
Section II. Rules of participation
1. Theme: George Enescu - the genius of Romanian music, renaissance personality with a vocation for poetry, drawing and caricature.
2. Participants: Visual artists from the country and abroad.
3. Conditions for participation: Original works are received, which have not been exhibited / awarded at other events.
4. Registration form: Participants must complete and submit, together with the works, the registration form accompanied by a short presentation CV and a caricature photo / portrait / self-portrait, at a minimum size 6x9 cm (on paper) or 300 DPI ( in digital format).
5. Technical conditions for works: minimum 300 DPI; JPG format - for works sent by e-mail; format A 3 - for works sent by mail; work technique: free.
6. Number of works: A maximum of 2 works are accepted from each author.
7. How to send the works: The works are sent in digital format, to the addresses indicated by the organizers.
The selected works are sent in original by mail to the address indicated by the organizers.

8. Deadline: The last day for receiving the works in digital format in Botoșani is October 20, 2021.
The last day for receiving the original works is October 27, 2021.

9. Mentions: The original works are not returned, they remain in the Festival's Patrimony, the organizers reserving the right to use them in the materials edited later, only with the mention of the author's name.
Section III. Awarding the works
1. Evaluation. The works will be evaluated by a jury composed of art critics from the country and abroad.
The composition of the jury at the First Edition of the Botoșani 2021 International Cartoon Salon is proposed by the organizers.

2. The designation of the laureates will be made until October 31, 2021.
The announcement is made on the web page of the Botoșani International Cartoon Salon 2021, on the website of the Botoșani County Council, of the Botoșani County Museum and of the “Ștefan” Fine Arts Galleries Luchian ”Botoșani.

3. Prize: 3 prizes are awarded: 500 euros First Prize, 300 euros 2nd Prize and 200 euros 3rd Prize. The awards are offered by ARTOPOL’S ART DEBELLY.
In addition to the Prizes, the winners will also receive the Excellence Trophy worth 500 euros.
5 Mentions will be awarded, each worth 100 euros by the partners of the Cartoon Salon.
4. The Grand Salon Trophy and the Trophies of Excellence will be awarded by ARTOPOL’S ART DEBELLY.
5. Awarding the Diploma of Participation: Each participant will receive a diploma of participation from the organizers.
6. How to award: The Prizes, Trophies of Excellence, Salon Trophy and Participation Diplomas will be sent exclusively by mail.
Section IV. Jury
President: Doru Axinte - graphic artist, writer, member of the Federation of World Cartoon Organizations, laureate of many national and international cartoon salons.
Victor Bogorad - professor at the University of Arts in St. Petersburg, plastic artist, organizer of international caricature and art exhibitions, member of international juries for 25 years.
Ivailo Tsvetkov - Sofia, press illustrator, member of the Bulgarian Union of Visual Artists
Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek - Wrocklaw, Poland, writer and cartoonist, member of international juries for 20 years.
Naji Benanji - cartoonist, exhibition organizer, journalist, member of several international juries. President of the Association of Cartoonists of Morocco - MAC
Edra Amorin - Director of the Caricature and Humor Festival - Caratinga from Brazil is a cartoonist and writer, she also judged in Romania, at the “Golden Apple” Festival in Bistrita.
Pedro Silva - Vila Nova, Portugal, cartoonist included in the exhibition Word Press Cartoon, participant in exhibitions and festivals in Romania
Rosidi Ismail - Rossem, Malaysia, journalist, cartoonist, screenwriter and cartoonist, has judged several International Festivals, creator of the Malaysian Cartoon Museum
Mihai Boboc - Romania, winner of the caricature competitions in recent years in the country and abroad.
The judging will be done online, the jury reserving the right to award or redistribute the prizes. The jury reserves the right to establish the works / authors that can be awarded by any sponsors, associations, media, institutions, companies, individuals, in agreement with them.
Section V. Staff of the Botoșani International Cartoon Salon - Romania - 2021
Director - Mihai Debely
Project coordinator - Radu Iațcu-iatzco
Secretary - Ioan Serediuc
Mihai Debely
Phone 0040758185411 WhatsApp
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Address: Mihai Debely, 7 Prof. Dimitrie Pompeiu Street, Dorohoi, Romania.
Radu Iațcu-iatzco
Phone: 00 40 722 83 11 22
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ioan Serediuc
Phone 0040744809832
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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