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selected cartoonists of Babad.id Cartoon Exhibition: Wayang as Nation's Masterpiece/Indonesia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Tuesday, 01 March 2022 17:28


selected cartoonists of Babad.id Cartoon Exhibition:
Wayang as Nation's Masterpiece/Indonesia

الأسماء المختارة في معرض وايانغ الدولي في اندونيسيا
الموضوع دمية وايانغ-تراث أندونيسي

"Wayang as nation's masterpiece"


Dear fellow cartoonists,

The editors thank you for participating in the cartoon exhibition "Wayang Karya Adiluhung Bangsa".
We are delighted with this wonderful welcome.
We have selected 121 cartoons that have been sent to our email.
Furthermore, we have determined as many as 41 works that will be exhibited online on the website www.babad.id.
We saw many works that did not match the theme, namely wayang. Wayang we mean wayang kulit, a traditional Javanese art.
For cartoons that cannot be exhibited, we will include them in subsequent exhibitions with relevant themes.

Affan Siregar, Indonesia
Afrizal, Indonesia
Ahmed Khabali, Morocco
Ameen Alhabarah, Saudi Arabia
Bandot Senug, Indonesia
Cai Weidong, China
Cheng Ping Zhu, China
Danny Yustiniadi, Indonesia
Dariusz Dabrowski, Poland
Darsono, Indonesia
David Hafez, United States
Daydier Bernal Calvo, Cuba
Elsa Agustin, Indonesia
Gautam Diwar, India
Jean Loic Belom, France
Klaus Pitter, Austria
Likuijun, China
Makmun, Indonesia
Muhammad Komarrudin, Indonesia
Nank Ngablak, Indonesia
Partono, Indonesia
Qijingyan, China
Raed Khalil, Syria
Salma Majed Almansoori, United Arab Emirates
Student, Indonesia
Sudarmanto, Indonesia
Weili, China
Yu Shixin, China
Yuli Joko, Indonesia


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