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Vladimir Semerenko - Russia, passed away ,1950-2021 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Thursday, 09 December 2021 08:36

Vladimir Semerenko - Russia, passed away ,1950-2021

رحيل الفنان الروسي فلادمير سيميرنكو
ولد الراحل في  مدينة زابوروجي (أوكرانيا).1950
وهو عضو في اتحاد الفنانين في روسيا منذ عام 2001.
يعيش ويعمل في سان بطرسبرج.
شارك في أكثر من 300 مسابقة دولية ومحلية للكاريكاتير

the schedule, the illustrator, the caricaturist.
He is a member of the Union of artists in Russia since 2001.
He lives and works in St.Petersburg.
Vladimir Semerenko was born on 31st of May 1950 in.
Zaporozhye city (Ukraine).
He participated in more than 300 international and domestic competitions of a caricature.

Some of his awards:

1993 First prize Istanbul (Turkey)
1994 First prize Fano (Italy)
1999 First prize Torino (Italy)
1999 Medal Tokio (Japan)
2000 Second prize Piracicaba (Brazil)
2002 Jury prize Taborda (Argentina)
2002 Jury prize Kiev (Ukraine)
2003 Third prize Sokobanja (Yugoslavia)
2005 Third prize Kragujevac (Serbia and Montenegro)
2006 First prize Monochrome cartoon Taborda (Argentina)
2006 Gold medal Best World Cartoons (China)
2007 Silver medal Olympic games-2008 (China)
2008 First prize Paulista (Brazil)
2011 Second prize Braila (Romania)
Personal exhibitions:
2003 - gallery Square SPB;
2008 - the St.-Petersburg House of Architects (theme Billiard);
2008 – St.-Petersburg "Lenexpo", the international competitions on Russian pyramid (theme Billiard);
2011 - the Publishing House Litera, a drawing exhibition

It is very difficult to write about this, even to say one word "death", I do not mean the phenomenon itself, but correlating with a specific person, especially since this PERSON is my closest, my husband, VLADIMIR SEMERENKO.
12/07/2021 he was gone ... A wonderful person and a talented artist passed away, the whole WORLD passed away from my life. For two and a half years he courageously fought against a terrible disease, underwent 3 operations, the hardest chemotherapy and its consequences. All these years, until the last day, he continued to work: he painted, painted, made book illustrations, participated in competitions, exhibitions ... This helped Vladimir to cope with pain, to live. He took a pencil, a brush in his hand because he could not exist without it, because he was born an ARTIST, because all his life he worked to assert himself that he was a REAL artist.
Irina Semerenko, the artist's wife.


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