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finalists of the 7th International caricature and Graphic Humor Contest-Colombia 2021 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Friday, 22 October 2021 05:46

finalists of  the  7th International caricature

and Graphic Humor Contest-Colombia 2021

الأسماء النهائية المرشحة في المسابقة الدولية السابعة للفكاهة في كولومبيا
الموضوع إيلينا اوسبينا( علم الفراسة )
الموضوع الثاني أبطال الصحة
شارك في المسابقة231 رساماً هواة ومحترفين من49 دولة

- تنبيه:على من يجد أي تشابه في الرسوم النهائية مخاطبة اللجنة المنظمة قبل 26 أكتوبر إلى الايميل التالي
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الرسوم النهائية


49 Countries / 231 Participants
Cartoons (-C):107
Graphic humor (-HG) 155

16 drawings, 8 countries Caricature category: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, China, India, Iran, Russia and Uruguay.
20 drawings, 12 countries, category Graphic humor: Argentina, Belgium Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey.

Finalists caricature and graphic humor 2021 (Gallery October 21 to 26)
A thousand and one thousand apologies to all those interested in the 7th edition of our contest. Events beyond the control of the organization and the last ones already communicated have affected the normal rhythm of our edition.
We present to you the news about the finalists of each category and the finalists of each category. In order to comply with point number 7 of the rules, the graphic humor gallery will be presented for the public's

In case you have a complaint about originality/copyright, please send your complaint to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it between October 21th to 26th.
  (Colombian Time)

For a better presentation of your complaint please include proof (screenshot of publication prior to the date of August 03, award obtained with the work referenced to date. registration before the above date on authorship).
These proofs will somehow help to define if the claim is valid or not.

Important: Anonymous claims will not be accepted. Any request outside the established dates will not be valid.



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