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Monthly Syrian cartoon site competition (September) PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 10:17

Monthly Syrian cartoon site competition (September)

Heading to the 18th International Cartoon Exhibition - Syria

Topic: Syrian actor :Nehad Kalai  (1928 - 1993)

Nehad Kalai”, 1928 - 1993, was a Syrian actor, comedian, playwright and writer who appeared with the early days of Syria television, also working in cinema and theater. Owner of several films, plays and series together with Duraid Lahham who was his artistic partner for several years playing the role of "Hosni Al Borazan". As a writer, he was the author of several successful television series of the time, the most notable of which are: "Sah Al Noum" - "Hammam El Hana" - "Maqlub Ghawwar" - "Mugamarat Carlo - The Adventures of Carlo" and several plays. Because of a hemiplegiaHe had to move away from the stage since it was physically impossible for him to continue acting but this did not prevent him from continuing to write until the end of his days.

The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world, over the age of 18,
regardless of nationality, religion, gender and education.

N o t e :
1- 1 caricature only .

2-  A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions
3- The cartoons must not contain text.
Drawings can also be made digitally.
A3/  29X42 CM , 200 dpi, JPG/JPEG and free techniques.
- and the size of each artwork must not exceed more than 2 megabytes.
name - country - work number
• Deadline: 1/11/ 2021

• Prizes: 10 Special Prizes.
-The committee will select 10 works, then award certificates of appreciation to winners.
-10 monthly selected works  will enter the 18th Syria International Cartoon Exhibition next year, 2022.

• Cartoons can be used for any promotion purposes
(Printing, websites, Newspapers, posters, invitation cards....etc)
without the permission of the artist and without any payment.
• Cartoons must be sent to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Syria Cartoon website:
Thank you for participation

مسابقة موقع الكاريكاتور السوري الشهرية2021
شهر(سبتمبر أيلول)
الموضوع : بورتريه الممثل السوري الراحل نهاد قلعي

-لوحة واحدة فقط
JPEG،dpi  200
حجم اللوحة 29×42 سم على ألا يتجاوز حجم اللوحة 2 ميغابايت
يكتب اسم الرسام والبلد...
كما مكتوب هنا للمثال فقط
ملحوظة: يجب أن تكون الأعمال جديدة غير مشاركة في مسابقات أخرى
الموعد النهائي: 2021/11/1
ستوزع10 شهادات تقدير
ستدخل الأعمال العشرة المختارة أتوماتيكياً في معرض سورية الدولي الثامن عشر للكاريكاتور في العام القادم 2022
تستخدم أعمال الفنانين المشاركة في البوسترات
والمجلات والصحف والمواقع الالكترونية السورية
دون إذن مسبق بهدف الترويج دون لقاء مادي

ترسل الرسوم إلى البريد التالي
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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