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16th Caratinga International Humor Exhibition Presents the "Jal & Gual" Festival and Pays Homage to Brazilian Cartoonists / 2021 PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 08 March 2021 16:19

16th Caratinga International Humor Exhibition Presents the
"Jal & Gual" Festival and Pays Homage to Brazilian Cartoonists / 2021

مسابقة كارتينغا الدولية ال 16 في البرازيل
الموضوع رسامو الغرافيك والفكاهة البرازيليين
يمكن المشاركة ب3 رسوم حداً أقصى على أن يبدأ التسجيل بدءاً من 15 مارس حتى 31 مايو 2021
ترسل الأعمال إلى
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ستوزع جوائز شرفية للفائزين

16th Caratinga International Humor Exhibition
“Jal & Gual Festival”

CENTRAL THEME: “Artists of Graphic Humor in Brazil”

REGISTRATION: March 15 to May 31, 2021
Send papers to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The works must be sent in a single mesشرفية للفائزينsage, in 300 dpi, together with the author's full name, date of birth, postal address and country.

THEME: This year the artists of Brazilian graphic humor will be our central theme, all of them being honored through the “Jal & Gual Festival”, deserved recognition for everything that this pair of selfless JAL - José Alberto Lovreto and GUAL - Gualberto Costa deserves for all the efforts and achievements in favor of valuing our profession. The theme suggests, among other issues, the ROLE, the POWER, THE LIMITS and the RESPONSIBILITY of political design. The work market; the imminent end of printed newspapers; the internet factor (favorable / harmful); participation in Humor Salons; the survival of cartoonists; Will the profession of cartoonist be extinguished ?; si hay gobierno soy contra ?; experience and or contact with great masters; beginning or unusual situations throughout the career; picturesque facts of colleagues and or in meetings at similar events.

PARTICIPATION: Artists of any nationality, amateurs or professionals, over 18 can participate. Except in the category TIRAS “Arts and Artists in Brazil” and TIRAS “Jal & Gual”, in which only artists of Brazilian nationality can participate. ATTENTION: Each participant will be able to register only ONE UNPRECEDENTED JOB in each modality, EXCEPT IN THE CATEGORY “Brazilian Cartoon Caricatures”, being able to register up to three drawings.

MODALITIES: Unpublished works that have not been awarded by the registration date, can be presented in the following modalities:

CARTUM: Theme "Artists of Graphic Humor in Brazil"
CHARGE: Theme “Artists of Graphic Humor in Brazil”
CARICATURE: Theme "Brazilian cartoonists" - In this category caricatures of cartoonists Ziraldo and Zélio will not be accepted, as both were themes in previous editions.
CARICATURE: Theme “JAL - José Alberto Lovreto”
CARICATURE: Theme “GUAL - Gualberto Costa”
(*) TIRAS / HQ: Theme “Jal & Gual” - The proposal is to create scripts with the cartoonists Jal and Gual, as protagonist characters.
(*) TIRAS / HQ: Theme "Artists of Graphic Humor in Brazil"
Important: in the “STRIPS / HQ” categories, only comic strips will be accepted in the format of “STRIPS” or with a maximum (BLACK) and WHITE / vertical page / with the text in Portuguese or without text.
FUNNEST DRAWING: special award among all categories

AWARDS (*) The first placed in each category will receive the “JAL & GUAL” trophy
Three Honorable Mentions will be awarded in each category.
All selected will receive digital certificates
(*) There is the possibility of also awarding the trophy, the Second and Third placed in each category.

Great contribution to the National Graphic Humor:

Adolpho Queiroz, Albert Piauhy, Amorim, Bira Dantas, Biratan Porto, Camilo Riani, Cival Einsten, Daniela Baptista, Dino Alves, Edu Grosso, Erasmo Spadotto, Ferreth, Fred Ozanan, Joanfi, Jota A, J.Bosco, Joe Bomfim, Klévisson Viana, Lailson, Leite, Luciano Magno, Luis Pimentel, Lute, Marcelo Alencar, Maurício de Souza, Magon, Mariano, Mastrotti, Mello, Moisés, Rick Goodwin, Sidney Gusman, Sônia Luyten, Teresinha Pantoja, Thina Curtis, Zé Roberto Graúna and Zetti Araújo.

EXHIBITION: June 14th to 30th, 2021.
In view of the impediments caused by the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the uncertainty of a solution for vaccines, the International Humor Salon of Caratinga may, in an unprecedented way, be held with a sample of the works selected on digital platforms, with the proposal to define , in the future, a date for the physical exhibition of the drawings to be held at Casa Ziraldo de Cultura.

Cartoonist SAMUCA (PE)
Series “Pratas da Casa” - Exhibition of works by cartoonists who were awarded for the first time at the Humor Salon of Caratinga.

CATALOG / BOOK OF STRIPS: The purpose of the event is to seek resources to produce the catalog with the finalist works of all categories and reproduce all the strips selected in the categories of the themes "Jal & Gual" and "Artists of Graphic Humor in Brazil". If materialized, all participants in BRAZIL will be able to receive their copy by paying the postage fee.

JUDGMENT: There will be a selection and award jury composed of trained people in the area. The award jury reserves the right not to award prizes to categories that do not reach a sufficient level, transferring them to other categories or creating a special award from the Salon. If the award jury finds any kind of irregularity, fraud or plagiarism in one or more entries, you can cancel the award by granting it to another artist next to your classification. The awarding jury may also be able to cancel the awarding of modalities if the submitted works do not comply with the requirements or are not of sufficient quality to do so. The awarded works will be published on the website and on the facebook page of Salão de Humor de Caratinga. Awarded works may be contested up to one week from the first day of publication of the with evidence applicable of any irregularity committed without the knowledge of the jury. Other awards and honorable mentions may be instituted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. All entries and selected works will be part of the collection of the Humor Salon of Caratinga, which will be able to participate in itinerant exhibitions, dissemination in print, television, electronic media and be published in newspapers, books and magazines. All registered and selected works will be purchased for Associação Estação Cultural de Caratinga, which will have the domain of their copyright. By participating in the contest, the artist will be agreeing with the rules of the regulation. Upon registration, the author automatically transfers the assignment of the Copyright of his / her work (s) acquisitively in accordance with Law No. 9610 of February 1988 (Copyright Law) in a total, universal and definitive manner in all modalities of use and free of charge, the copyright, protected by the aforementioned law referring to the award-winning work (s) at the International Humor Exhibition of Caratinga that will become part of the Cultural Collection of Research and Dissemination of the National Graphic Humor of the Associação Estação Cultural de Caratinga for all purposes of rights that reserves the right to use them as it sees fit. Simple registration automatically implies agreement with the terms of this regulation.


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