1st International Green Crescent Cartoon Contes, Istanbul/ Turkey,2016 مسابقة الهلال الأخضر الدولية الأولى في تركيا



1st International Green Crescent Cartoon Contes, Istanbul/ Turkey,2016
مسابقة الهلال الأخضر الدولية الأولى في تركيا

الموضوع الإدمان وكل مايتعلق بالموضوع
يمكن المشاركة ب3 رسوم كحد أقصى..و300 دي بي آي
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية
ترفق الرسوم مع بطاقة الدخول قبل 20/11/2016

Topic: Addictions (Substance, tobacco, alcohol, technology, gambling) and its harms to individual and society

Deadline: 20 November 2016
Green Crescent keeps on working for public and especially for young people to make them think and develop reflex against addictions. For this purpose, using communication tools effectively, Green Crescent is organising an international cartoon contest on the theme of addiction.Intended for transferring of the message “Away from addictions to a healthy life” through humour, Green Crescent is organising the first International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest this year.The contest aims for public and young people to think and develop reflex against addictions through the universal language of caricature.Besides the subheadings like drug, tobacco, alcohol and gambling addictions, it is expected from the artists to touch upon the damages of addictions to people and society in the addiction themed contest.

The Best 6 Works Will Be Awarded
In the contest that participants can apply for up to 3 titles, the winner takes 3 thousand dollars and a plaque of achievement, the other 5 successful contestants will be awarded $500 as well as a plaque of achievement. The works in which more visual narrative rather than verbal or written expressions is desired to be kept in the foreground is expected to be in A4 or A3 size, black and white or colour (300dpi). If written lines are necessary, it will be in Turkish or in English.The jury of the contest consists of Cartoonists Association President Metin Peker, Green Crescent Science Committee member Peyami ÇELIKCAN as well as cartoonists Gürbüz Doğan EKSIOGLU, Muhittin KOROĞLU and Iranian cartoonist Mehdi AZIZI. The works that will compete in the contest will be evaluated according to their artistic quality (25 points), sense of humour regarding the topic (25 points), social and cultural influence of the topic on daily life (50 points). Deadline for Participation: November 20!Those who want to participate in the competition need to submit their specified sized works (5MB, JPG) with their participation form to cartooncontest@yesilay.org.tr address until 20 November 2016. Also, they can send their cartoons along with international participation form to
International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest,
Sepetçiler Kasrı,
Sirkeci 34110
İstanbul, Turkey
address.Turkish Green Crescent Society (Yeşilay)
Turkish Green Crescent Society was established to fight against alcoholic beverages on
March 5, 1920 in İstanbul.
In an atmosphere of moral and cultural development in the country, the Society was founded
to combat addictions such as tobacco, alcohol and drug dependences that devastate physical and mental health of the youth and the public in general, to fight against all bad habits like gambling and internet and technology addiction that cause harm to the youth and the society, as well as to raise generations that are loyal to their national culture. In that framework, the Society mobilizes public awareness, power and resources to fight addictions, helps people in need under any circumstances, anywhere and anytime for preserving human dignity and respectability, and makes unceasing contribution to improvement of capacity to fight addictions. To that end, it also organizes joint events and establishes cooperation with national and international public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations.1. International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest 2016
Aim: The aim of the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest is to use cartoon, the
universal language of humour, as a means to create public awareness, especially among young people, and to promote the direct involvement of wider society in the fight against addictions.
The contest is open to everyone, without age limit.
Topic: Addictions (Substance, tobacco, alcohol, technology, gambling) and its harms to
individual and societyTechnical Requirements
Number of entries: One person can send 3 entries maximum. Entrants can send cartoon
published but not awarded in another contest.
Size: A4 or A3
Technique: Black and white or coloured / 300 dpi
Language: Either Turkish or English can be used if needed. However, visual expression will
be the focus rather than the words.
The Green Crescent may publish and reproduce the participating entries in any platform,
without ever leading to any copyrights or other claims in connection therewith.Prizes
Grand Prize 3,000 $ + Plaquette
Achievement Prize 500 $ + Plaquette (5)

Metin PEKER / President of Caricaturists Association
Gürbüz Doğan EKSIOGLU / Caricaturist
Muhittin KOROGLU / Caricaturist
Mehdi AZIZI / Caricaturist (Iran)
Peyami CELIKCAN / President of Green Crescent Scientific Committee
Assessment 25 points for artistry, 25 points for sense of humour regarding the topic, 50 points for social and cultural influence of the topic on daily life.

In order to join the contest, the artist must send
– His/her JPG formatted max. 5 MB A4 or A3 sized 300 dpi entry(ies); and
– His/her participation form via e-mail (cartooncontest@yesilay.org.tr) until 20
November 2016 at the latest.
On the condition that the artists ensure his/her entry is not damaged, they may as well prefer to post their entry(ies) along with participation form to the address below:
Uluslararası Yeşilay Karikatür Yarışması,
Sepetçiler Kasrı,
Sirkeci 34110
İstanbul / Türkiye

Participation Form:

Raed Khalil

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