Fartoon Cartoon Contest-Portugal-2016 مسابقة فارتون الدولية في البرتغال

Fartoon Cartoon Contest-Portugal-2016
مسابقة فارتون الدولية في البرتغال

  الموضوع: تلوث الإنسان
يمكن المشاركة ب 3 رسوم كحد أقصى على أن ترسل الأعمال قبل قبل6/11/2016 إلى الايميل التالي
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز
1 – FARO 1540 – Association for the Defense and Promotion of Faro’s Cultural and Environmental Heritage, organizes FARTOON – Faro’s Cartoons Exhibition, whose works will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of the year;
2 – Participation in this Exhibition implies full acceptance of the conditions listed in this Regulation and the authorization to use the work(s) in this Exhibition and in future editions, in FARTOON extensions, promotions, publications and reproductions in any medium;
3 – All Portuguese or foreign citizens can participate in this Cartoons Exhibition;
4 – Only are accepted unpublished original works that can be black and white or color;
5 – Any graphic techniques are allowed and works measures should not exceed 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3);
6 – In 2016 edition, the contest theme is “Human Pollution”. As pollution defined as the direct or indirect introduction, as a result of human activity, of elements in the air, water or land which may be harmful to health or the environment, with the theme “Human Pollution” we intend to go further. We want participants to explore not only the classical view of pollution, but particularly how men, their wars, their religions, their economic system, values or beliefs affect themselves and all they represent as a human being;
7 – Each competitor can participate individually or in teams to a maximum of 3 works;
8 – The enrollment in FARTOON should be formalized until 6th November 2016 and is free;
9 – Works must be sent by e-mail to geral@faro1540.org or by mail to:
FARO 1540 FARTOON – 2ª Mostra de Cartoons de Faro Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes, 133 8000-424 Faro PORTUGAL
10 – For a correct submission should be sent: – Work(s) on paper; – Registration form, duly completed and signed; – Photocopy or scan from an identification document; – Author(s) short biographical note; – Declaration of the author of the work(s) accepting the conditions of this Regulation and authorizing the use of the work(s) at the Exhibition, in its future editions, in its extensions, promotions and publications, but with the authors’ knowledge.
11 – All works submitted for this Exhibition must be sent free of charge (postage or customs). In their packaging should appear clearly and prominently “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / SEM VALOR COMERCIAL”. Works sent to be paid at the addressee will not be accepted, and its reception will be refused;
12 – The cartoons received will be submitted to a pre-selection, by the organization, and the competitor will be notified by e-mail if the work was selected to the Exhition mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Regulation;
13 – The Jury of FARTOON will be composed of 5 elements;
14 – From the jury’s final decision there can be no appeal;
15 – There will be awarded 3 prizes by the jury;
16 – The Jury, according to the quality of the works presented, may or may not assign any of the prizes and/or assign Honorable Mentions;
17 – In addition to the award of diplomas, prizes mentioned in points 15 and 16 will have a symbolic character according to the partnerships established for this edition of FARTOON;
18 – All the works received for the Exhibition, which have been selected for display, or not, will not be delivered back to the competitors, becoming part of the estate of the FARTOON, and the organization will not use them for commercial purposes;
19 – The work(s) must have on the reverse the following information: – Author’s name and address; – Title and year
20 – In exceptional circumstances, the organization may exhibit works that do not fully comply with the present Rules;
21 – In case of doubt, those interested can request any clarifications to: geral@faro1540.org
22 – Omissions in this Regulation shall be solved by the organizer.

Raed Khalil

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