The First international cartoon contest / Lebanese 2012 المسابقة اللبنانية الدولية الأولى للكاريكاتور


The First international cartoon contest / Lebanese 2012
المسابقة اللبنانية الدولية الأولى للكاريكاتور

الموضوع : الغني والفقير
ترسل الأعمال بحجم 21×29 سم  قبل 30/10/2012 إلى الايميل التالي
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز الشرفية

Sponsored (municipality Photos) _ (and Development Associatio Ihsan and extension _ Photo)
(In collaboration with Al-Safir newspaper _ and Group Aassouralaalamih) announces technical professional .. Photo …
Accepting artwork for graphic expression, or cartoon …
In the competition: (Lebanese First World) for the year 2012 ..
Believing “us poor and Tsalit light on the needy … and the oppressed people displaced by wars … and that Glaptha days poverty Vodhanaha and agony … and inviolable right to life like any other person enjoys his presence … of food … and clothing. . and education … and safer “and safety … This was poor as a living … it has been estimated on human brother appointed Masttaa … not blind its existence or lack of sympathy … The theme of our contest to be the subject” value humanity … and then .. moral was the most prominent name (Abu Ghali) … Abu Ghali ….. is a name … that a man who worked so hard and sincerity and dedication …. in order to secure a living and his family .. tired … wearing any concealed robe and energetic to come to his home with a loaf of laughs for his son .. and even Nsalt light on Abu Ghali and Abu Ghali was like .. Thread:
Abu Ghali poor code _ or poverty in general _ or rich and poor.
Competition conditions:
1_ not exceed review Alsmtin.
2_ do not accept the painting … or transmitted quoted … or participate in other festivals.
3_ painters can adopt any way they wanted in the way of an oil painting … … watery. Coal or ordinary pen etc. 4_ painting size 21/29.
5_ there is no age limit _ taken into consideration drawing clear and good idea.
Business send the following e-mail:
Or by regular mail: Lebanon _ Tyre _ Mohamed Al-Zayat Street Building (Qasim Khalid) i 1 (Association for the Development of Philanthropy and extension) near the municipality building photo

Awards will be distributed value
I _ gold.

_ II _ Silver.
_ Third _ Silver.
_ The fourth _ bronze.
And distributed more than 30 certificate of merit.
Winners will be announced at the exhibition which will be held on Monday, in the 15/11/2012 and at the Professional Centre (Association for Development charity and counseling _ images).
(Technical Pro Photo)

Deadline for painters 10/30/2012,
,,,, wish all success and thank you “

Raed Khalil
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