The Result of 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest/ Iran…. نتائج مسابقة الميديا والديجيتال الدولية الثالثة- إيران


The Result of 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest/ Iran  
نتائج مسابقة الميديا والديجيتال الدولية الثالثة- إيران

Statement of Jury Members: Establishing International Festivals is an opportunity for remembering cultural and humanistic common beliefs. Common beliefs that becomes much more by Digital World. Each year many Cartoon & Caricature festivals establishes around the world. Undoubtedly Iran is one of the most important caricature poles in the world, so the festivals that are established in Iran have special importance for world cartoonists. Therefore Digital Media Cartoon Contest well received by worldwide cartoonists. For this reason the work of primary & final jury members was very hard to judge for selecting 200 cartoons for exhibition and 8 more artworks as selected artworks, but there was no remedy except more severity for choosing final artworks. Therefore jury members at first omitted 70 artworks for this rule that the artworks should not be awarded or established before, then by more care chose 8 artworks for the final decision. After that by hidden voting and counting the votes defined the artworks from one to eight. Jury Members congratulate the winners of this contest and respect the world wide cartoonists effort in International Digital Media Cartoon Contest, and wish to see the quality and quantity progress in near future. Jury Members consist of Seyran Caferli from Azerbaijan, Sevket Yalaz from Turkey, Ali Jahanshahi, Abbas Ghazi Zahedi & Jamal Rahmati from Iran.

First Prize-Saeid-Sadeghi-Iran

Third Prize-Masoud-Ziaei-Iran

Special Prize-Armen-Hamonangan-Indonesia

Special Prize-Mehdi-Azizi-Iran

Special Prize-Mehdi-Mohammadi-Rouzbahani-Iran

Special Prize-Oleg-Gutsol-Ukraine

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