2nd SELECTIVE CARTOON CONTEST /Hungary /2012 مسابقة الانتقائية في هنغاريا


مسابقة الانتقائية في هنغاريا

الموضوع: أنا ارجل انتقائي… وتعزيز العمل في ثقافة انتقائية اللنفايات
يمكن المشاركة بـ 3 رسوم أصلية كحد أقصى.. على أن ترسل الأعمال قبل28/2/2012
– ستوزع العديد من الجوائز

István Kelemen
Bajza J. u. 19.

1): I am a selective man….!
Theme: promoting selective waste collection.
We can help save our planet for the next generation by selectively collect used and unneeded,
but still recycleable materials. Although selective waste collection is not a problem any more,
it still has not become an integral part of our everyday life. Let’s use the humour of cartoons to
show some of the absurdities and contradictions of our lives and let’s have a good laugh at our own peccadillos.
Humour may help us and our children better understand our planet’s needs.
2.) The contest is open, so we accept works of both amateurs and professionals from all around the globe.
3.) Deadline for entries: 28. February, 2012.
4.) The entries will be judged by a professional jury. The jury’s decision is not negotiable.
5.) We aim to organise an exhibition tour in primary, secondary schools and colleges in Hungary,
where we would like to point out the imprtance of selective waste collection to the young.
The first exhibition is scheduled in Baja in March 2012.
6.) It folows from 5.) that the submitted cartoons will not be returned!
7.)  Participants can submit up to three original cartoons in A/4 or A/3 size, using any technique.
Prints of cartoons produced or coloured with software can also be submitted on condition that it
has the cartoonist’s original signature and the print’s serial number.
8.) The participants should write their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of the cartoons.
9.) Postal address for entries (please note the order!):
István Kelemen
Bajza J. u. 19.
10.) For information or enquiries about the competition contact:
Phone: +36 20 426 58 82
e-mail: grafikuskelemen@freemail.hu
11) First prize: HUF 200,000, gross
12.) For the list and works of participants and for any other information visit: www.grafikuskelemen.hu .
13.) Participants whose works are selected by the jury for the catalogue will receive a free copy of it via post.
14.) The organiser retains the right to use the cartoons freely (e.g. poster, leaflet, calendar, etc.)
15.) By entering the contest the participant accepts the terms of the contest.
We wish you good luck and sucessful participation.

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