Results International cartoon contest Volunteering Ruse, Bulgaria 2011 …نتائج مسابقة روسو في بلغاريا


Results International cartoon contest  Volunteering  Ruse, Bulgaria 2011
نتائج مسابقة روسو في بلغاريا

Rudy Gheysens – director of  European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium
Paul De Ruyck – European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium
Dominique Termote – European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium
Ivaylo Tsvetkov – chairperson of FECO for Bulgaria, cartoon artist for
The Monitor and The Telegraph newspapers  and The Tema Magazine
Valentin Georgiev, cartoon artist, illustrator, artist
Elena Velikova, director Ruse Art Gallery
Irina Jordanova, expert in EIC Europe Direct Ruse
examined all the works, received for the international cartoon contest

organized by European Information Center – Europe Direct, in cooperation with Ruse Art Gallery.

47 artists from 26 countries participated with 101 works and the distinguished ones are:

Ist prize – plaque and diploma   Doru Axinte, Romania;
Two special prizes – plaque and diploma:
Lubomir Mihailov , Bulgaria
Oleksy Kustovski

Two special diplomas:
Boris Erenburg, Palestine occupied
Rahim Asgarl , Iran
The prize of Ruse Art Gallery – Erdogan Basol, Turkey
The prize of FECO Bulgaria – Irien Trendafilov, Bulgaria

All of the distinguished works and some selected ones will take part in an exhibition
in Ruse Art Gallery which starts on June, 3rd, at 39 Borisova street, Ruse.
The works will not be returned to the authors as they are part of the EIC Europe Direct,
Ruse collection now.
They will be included in an additional exhibition that will be

hosted by all of the European Information Centres in Bulgaria.


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