International Cartoon Exhibition FecoPortugal -2011 معرض فيكو البرتغال


International Cartoon  Exhibition FecoPortugal -2011
معرض فيكو البرتغال2011

الموضوع: الوقار أو الكرامة أو المنزلة الرفيعة
عمل واحد (300 دي بي آي)عبر الايميل التالي قبل 30/9/2011
لاجوائز..فقط معرض..والأعمال المختارة ستتلقى ألبوم المعرض.
Cartoon theme: Dignity  
Deadline:September 30th, 2011
Prizes:no,EXHIBITION only
Number of entries:max : one work (cartoon, caricatures or graphic story)
Works returned:works sent by e-mail
Free catalogue:Every artist who has been selected will be given a copy of the catalogue
Copyright issues
The artist’s participation implies accepting the rules above and the submission of respective author’s rights, only to be used to promote and inform about the event as well as the edition of the catalogue and the itinerary exhibition. As there is no profit involved in these procedures,no payment will be made to any of the participants.
Address to send the artworks
(JPEG file at 300 dpi)
Contact for further information



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