International Book Cartoon Contest/Iran 2011 …مسابقة الكتاب الدولية في إيران


International Book Cartoon Contest/Iran 2011
مسابقة الكتاب الدولية في إيران2011

الموضوع: الكتاب..
يمكن إرسال 5 رسوم كحد أقصى بعرض 1500 بيكسل و200 دي بي آي إلى الايميل التالي قبل 6/9/2011
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والشرفية

International Book Cartoon Contest/Iran 2011
Country public Libraries institution held�s by cooperation of Iranian House of cartoon.
Theme: Book
Book and Library
I Read Book
Everybody Read Book
Read Good Book
Grownup with Book
Future belongs to book readers
Each participant can send maximum 5 artworks.
Sending (Name, family name, post address, Email address and Tel) of artists Just by word file is necessary.
The catalogue will be send to the entire artist that their artworks published in the catalogue.
Artworks must be in 200 dpi by width or length of 1500 pixel by jpg format.
Subject of �Book Contest� must be mentioned in the send Email.
Firs prize: $2000, Honorable mention & Trophy.
Second prize: $ 1500, Honorable mention & Trophy.
Third prize: $ 1000, Honorable mention & Trophy.
5 Honorable mention & trophy
Dead line:6th Sep, 2011
Address for sending artworks:


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