Sinoplu Diogen 2nd International Cartoon Competition “Turkey 2023



Sinoplu Diogen 2nd International Cartoon Competition “Turkey 2023

مسابقة سينوبلو ديوجين الدولي الثانية في تركيا

الموضوع الأمازون- النساء المقاتلات قديماً
ويمكن المشاركة برسوم تعبر عن تزويج الأطفال واغتصاب النساء والعنف …إلخ
يمكن المشاركة بعدد غير محدد وبقياس 29×42سم و300 دي بي آي
ترسل الأعمال قبل 2023/6/15 إلى الايميل التالي
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز

1- The competition is open to all world artists amateur and professional.
2- The subject of the competition; “Amazons”.
Amazons… Female fighters of ancient times. Free women who have attracted people’s attention for thousands of years and gathered their sympathy. Like Herodotus, historians described the homeland of the Amazons as North Anatolia. However, the Amazons are the MIT that everyone is trying to claim from one end from Baltic countries to North Africa…
For a cartoon competition in Sinop, which was named after the Queen of Amazon Sinope, the issue of “Amazons” would be a must for a cartoon competition. Sinop women still continue to set an example as free, dominant characters who best reflect the spirit of the Amazons in Anatolia…
Our expectation from the contestants; Child marriages, harassment and rape, violence against women, women’s murders, women’s exploitation, enslavement, male domination against the Amazons’ warrior spirit in their works…
3- Technical is free in the works that will participate in the competition. The works must have not received any awards in any competition before.
4- Digital certificate will be sent to all participating artists.
5- Participants can send any number of works they want. However, there is no more than one award for a drawing.
6- The cartoons to be sent should be maximum A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), 300 dpi resolution and JPG format.
7- The works that will participate in the competition are through e-mail until 15 June 2023; It should be sent to
8- With the works, all artists should send their name, postal address, phone, e-mail address, short resume and one photo.
9- The exhibition and the award ceremony of the competition will be held in Sinop-Ayancık on a later date. The travel expenses of the participants will be their own and their accommodation will be covered. The awards of those who cannot attend the ceremony will be sent to their addresses.
10- Awards:
Big Reward: 10,000 TL/Plaque
4 Success Awards: 2,000 TL/Plaque
Special Awards to be given by various institutions: plaque
11- In the selection committee; Sculpture Artist Eşref Baş (Turkey), Author Tufan Bilgili (Turkey) and cartoon artists Adnan Taç (Turkey), Altan Özeskici (Turkey), Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu (Turkey), Elena Ospina (Colombia), Erhan Yaşar Babalık (Turkey), Isabela Kowalska (Poland), Musa Keklik (Turkey), and Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran) are available.
12- The cartoons participating in the competition are not rewarded or not, by the institutions organizing the competition, exhibition, poster, book, album, e-album, calendar, brochure, etc. It can be used in publications. It can be published on the internet. Apart from this, all publication rights of the works belong to artists.
13- The results of the competition will be announced in the first week of July.
14- Cartoonists participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.
15- Competition; It is organized by Ayancık Municipality and Sinop Writers, Poets and Artists Association…


Director  | Raed Khalil
موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
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