The 1st international press cartoon and humor contest in Virton (Belgium)


The 1st international press cartoon and humor contest in Virton (Belgium)
مسابقة فيرتون الدولية الأولى – الكرتون الصحفي والضحك- بلجيكا 2011

الموضوع: الغباوة الإنسانية
آخر موعد لاستقبال الرسوم 1/3/2011
ترفق الرسوم بمعلومات عن الفنان إلى الايميل التالي

ستوزع شهادات تقدير على الفنانين المختارين

2.      THEME: « the human stupidity »
3.      DEADLINE OF SENDING: March 1st 2011
4.      PARTICIPATION: The draftsmen of any countries, any sex, any age can participate. The participants accept the rules and the decisions of the jury.
The jury has the right to refuse a cartoon for moral reasons.
No correspondence will be done concerning the results and the decisions of the jury.

5.      THE JURY: The jury consists of draftsmen and journalists.
6.    SENDINGS: A maximum of 3 works by author will be authorized. Characteristics:

in black and white or in colors. We prefer the works without text. If there is a text, it will be accepted only in English or in French.   

  Sending in the form of digital .jpeg files, resolution of 300 dpi, at the following address:
The author will indicate in his sending the following information:
–     His (her) name
–     His (her)  first name
–     His (her) date of birth
–     His (her) complete address
–     His (her) e-mail address
–     His (her) phone number
–     The title of his (her) work.
–     Join a short biography with photo or self-portrait
The list of the participants will be published on the site.
7.    DONATION OF THE WORKS: By participating, the authors give to the organizers their agreement to use, to archive,

to print, to make a copy of their work(s) and to let them participate in any demonstrations – commercial one included-,
without any compensation or payment for the author. The rewarded works remain the property of the organizers. We are constituting a permanent collection with the aim of promoting our international contest.

8.      EXHIBITION : From Friday 3rd June (Inauguration show) to Sunday 5th June 2011 (rewards attribution) .
9.      AWARDS : The prices will be awarded on Sunday at the end of morning during a cocktail party.
The best cartoons will be selected for the book “Virton International press cartoon and humor contest 2011 ” All the artists whose work is selected for the exhibition will receive a certificate and those selected for the publication will receive free of charge a copy of the book.
Organisation : ACAI Virton in partership with the Lion’s club «la Gaume »
Michel BLAISE: rue de la Vergette, 7. B-6761 Chenois (Virton) tél. : +32 (0)496.41.11.13.
Raphaël DONAY: Place Nestor Outer, 6. B-6760 Virton tél.: +32 (0)496.38.74.32.

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