International Caricature Contest “Niko Pirosmani and his characters” Georgia 2022



International Caricature Contest “Niko Pirosmani and his characters” Georgia 2022

مسابقة “نيكو بيروسماني” الدولية للكاريكاتور- جورجيا 2022
الموضوع شخصية الرسام الجورجي نيكوبيروسماني
يرسل عمل واحد فقط قبل 2022/11/19
وبقياس 50×50 سم (300دي بي آي)ويرسل العمل عبر موقع

ثم عبر الايميل التالي
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية

بطاقة الدخول في أسفل الشروط+ إرسال فيديو بحدود 30 ثانية يتحدث عن الدافع والإلهام

International Caricature Contest “Niko Pirosmani and his characters”Georgia 2022
This year, International Caricature Contest with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia celebrates the 160th Anniversary of birth of Georgian distinguished painter Niko Pirosmani, referred as Nikala (1862-1918). The competition serves the idea and meaning to understand Niko Pirosmani in a new vision that will reveal him or his characters in a caricature by native and foreign participants of the contest. Within the frame of this contest, participants all over the world, will have a ten working day deadline for submitting caricature either of Niko Pirosmani or his characters (size 50x50cm) along with a one minute self video, during which each participant has to talk about what was the inspiration for drawing and what does mean Pirosmani (Nikala) for the universe. Your drawings will be accepted between November 8th and till November 19th of 2022.
For participating in the competition, you should get acquainted with the conditions of the contest and fill out the registration form. Terms and conditions can be found here:
I. Terms of participation in the competition
· Cartoonists from all over the world can participate in the competition
· Theme of the competition: Niko Pirosmani and his characters
· The work must be created within the framework of the competition. Each participant can submit only one caricature to the competition.
· Works must not contain elements of hatred, violence or aggression
II. Competition Data
Contestants must send 30 seconds length self-video along with the created work and fill in the registration form.
1) Rules for creating and sending the work
· Within the framework of the competition, black-and-white or color caricatures are accepted (performance style is free).
· The work should echo the theme of Niko Pirosman and his characters.
· Entries must be uploaded via with attached documentation and sent in digital format to
· Size of the work: 50×50;
· File size to send: at least 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF format.
2) Attached documentation:
· The contestant must fill in the registration form (name, surname, postal address, country, e-mail address, short biography, photo)
· The contestant must make at most30-second self-video in which they talk about how Pirosmani works inspired them and what does Pirosmani’s existence mean to the world in general. (videos in both portrait and in landscape mode. 1080p Full HD quality, 30 frames per second).
III. Terms of participation in the competition
1. Entry of works will begin on November 8th, the last day for participation is Saturday, November 19th, 2022. 23:59 (GMT +4).
2. The results will be announced on or about December 10, 2022, at the award ceremony.
3. An exhibition will be held at the award ceremony.
IV. Contest results:
4. Within the framework of the competition, an album will be printed, which will include the works of 100 selected cartoonists (with the authors’ biographies and photos). The winning contestants will be sent the album, and the remaining contestants will receive an electronic version of the album.
5. During the project, before the awarding ceremony, videos created within the competition will beuploaded on a special online page.
V. Award
Contestants will be evaluated by a qualified jury; The jury will be composed of local and foreign cartoonists and art experts.
· 1 place = 1000 Euros
· 2 place = 700 Euros
· 3 place = 500 Euros
The organization reserves the right not to exhibit works that are considered to be an attempt against individual or collective rights.
Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of its terms.
To get to know Firosman better:



Director  | Raed Khalil
موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل

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