News from  II International Biennial of Cartoon Niko Nikolla – Albania 2022



News from  II International Biennial of Cartoon Niko Nikolla – Albania 2022

خبر من بينالي نيكونيكولا الدولي الثاني في ألبانيا
شارك 400 رسام من 70 دولة حول موضوعين: إلى أين يتجه العالم ..؟ وموضوع بورتريه آغيم سولاج
واختارت لجنة التحكيم 300 في القسمين وستعرض الرسوم المختارة في 1 ديسمبر


400 participants
70 countries

We are pleased to announce that 70 countries of the planet with 400 authors participated in this worldwide competition, it is estimated that in the final competition, 300 cartoons will be presented in this very popular trend in the world.

International Jury of the Second International Caricature Biennale

The international jury is composed of Angel Boligan, a well-known cartoonist from Mexico, who was awarded the first prize at the first Intercommunal Balkan Smile Biennale, the Bulgarian cartoonist, Valentin Georgiev, the cartoonist from Kosovo, Agim Krasniqi, from Gianni Martini (Italy). , Raffaella Spinazzi Italy, Bernard Bouton (France), Rezear Xhaxhiu (Albania)

70 countries from all over the world have submitted their entries reaching a total of 1,800 cartoons on the theme, “Where is the world going”, covering a wide range of sharp topics that grip the world today.

Current topics such as Covid, politics in the world today, the war in Ukraine, the environment, drug problems, family relationships, the world of the Internet, which today largely occupies the lives of children, are some of the topics that cartoonists from all over the world have brought to this Biennale, answering the defined topic: Where is the world going?

The second topic, Caricature portrait of the artist Agim Sulaj, was also very successful.

The jury, made up of world-class cartoonists, has selected 300 works, 150 for the first theme and 150 for the second theme that will be presented in the international exhibition that will open on December 1, the opening day of the Klik Expo Klik International Fair. , the largest fair that takes place in the country, giving a very large space of attention and interest to this world-level exhibition with one of the most developed trends today in the world of art in plans

On December 1: Opening of the International Caricature Exhibition



Director | Raed Khalil
موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
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