The First Annual International Festival of Caricature,North Khorasan Art

The First Annual International Festival of Caricature,North Khorasan Art
مسابقة شمال خورسان الدولية الأولى في إيران2010
الموضوع:: العمل والجهد.. العمل المضاعف
يمكن إرسال 5 رسوم في الحد الأقصى على أن تصل قبل 1/7/2010
إلى الايميل التالي:
According to remarks by the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s title in
1389 as a “double effort, double work” North Khorasan Art is considering the International Festival this year with the central hold .
So Visual Arts Office of North Khorasan Province will invite cartoonists from all over the world for participating in this international festival.
1. The company is open to all artists.
2. Submissions with relevance:
 the work and effort
 (double effort, double work)

3. Major awards:
First: 1000 $ and statues and Festival Appreciation
Second: 750 $ and statue and Festival Appreciation
Third: 500 $ and statue and Festival Appreciation
Special Prize: 250 $ + statue + Festival Appreciation
Also the jury selected 5 of Appreciation will be awarded
4. Number of works: maximum of 5
5. Completed form is required for the festival.
6. All the artists to exhibit their works to be way will be donated to the festival catalog.
7. Works must have 150 dpi resolution 1200 pixel length or width to be jpg format.
8. No restrictions on executive technique works there.

9. Deadline for receiving works: Thursday, July 01, 2010

10. Festival Secretariat has all Rights publication, and to showcase the works to the festival offers.
11. WORKS SEND ADDRESS: 0098-5842210195

the jury:

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