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21th INTERNATIONAL SATIRE EXIBITION "Trento between reality and madness" ....معرض الهجاء الدولي 21 في إيطاليا PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Monday, 02 January 2012 18:46

"Trento between reality and madness"
معرض الهجاء الدولي 21 في إيطاليا 

الموضوع: البطء
ترسل الأعمال الأصلية إلى العنوان التالي قبل 15/4/2012
the Studio d’Arte Andromeda - via Malpaga,

17 - 38122 - Trento - Italy
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز

Slo wness
We encourage designers to express, in their mode of thought and technical
congenial, investigating this theme controversial and fascinating,
from the most intimate aspects to the wider dimension of life. A thought
about the slowness all round

«Trento between reality and madness»

Subject: slowness
1. Authors may submit an unlimited number of works, Studio d’Arte Andromeda
reserving the right to expose those, which, in its sole discretion,
considers most adherents to the theme.
2. The works must be original, can be made with any technique, and must
adhere strictly to the theme.
3. Maximum size allowed: A3.
4. The works must arrive at the Studio d’Arte Andromeda - via Malpaga,
17 - 38122 - Trento - Italy
before April 15th 2012.

5. The date of the inauguration will be notified in time to all participants.
6. The works will be returned on demand.
7. The Organization Committee will keep the prize-winner and signal
8. The Studio reserves the right to print a catalog with the most significant
works and the right to use the same access to information, news and
documents about the exhibition. The catalog will be delivered during
the opening or sent on request with the works.
9. Andromeda’s Art Studio don’t answer of possible damaged or missing
works, but maximum care of the delivered works is assured.
10. The contest has the following prizes:
1st prize: € 1000,00
2nd Prize: € 700,00
3rd Prize: € 500,00
Youth Prize, ages 15-29: € 300,00
Audience Award: Gift

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