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مسابقة "فرانشيسكو دي كييفيدو" الدولية الثانية في إسبانيا

 سيكون موضوع الأعمال مرتبطًا بشكل مباشر أو غير مباشر بشخصية
Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas

ارتباطه بالاقتصاد

يمكن المشاركة برسوم بقياس 29×42 سم و300 دي بي آي
ترسل الأعمال قبل 2021/7/15 إلى
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المادية

The entities promoting this award are:
City Council of Ciudad Real
Villanueva de los Infantes Town Hall (Ciudad Real)

Organized by:
Francisco de Quevedo Foundation

Hosted by:
Manchego Cheese Denomination of Origin
Cooperativa Ntra. Sra. De la Antigua de Villanueva de los Infantes
HiperCash GB, Supermarkets
IDV Group – ITV Services
Anyone who wishes to participate in the contest may do it, without age limit, both individually and jointly between two or more cartoonists or between writer and artist. Each participant may submit a maximum of three works.

The theme of the works will be directly or indirectly related to the figure of Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, the character or any subject related to his life or work may appear and will have a clear humorous intention. In this second edition, the theme of the works will be centered around the motto: «Quevedo and the economy» (1).

(1) Examples of sentences by Quevedo
«He who knows where the treasure is is not wise, but he who works and takes it out.»
«Powerful gentleman Mr. Money».
«The rich eats, the poor it feeds
«Because of our greed, much is little; because of our need, little is much.»
«Much becomes little just by wanting a little more.»
he works submitted must be of their own creation and unpublished, may be in vignette, strip, comic page, cartoon, etc. and not to have been awarded in another contest or to be pending of failure in similar contests. The presentation of the works will necessarily be in paper, original and signed.  Digitally submitted works will be sent in JPG at 300dpi and 100% of the original size. They can be in color or black and white, the maximum dimension will be 29.7 x 42 cm (A3) and can be presented in horizontal or vertical format.

The works will be without text, but those that contain text are admitted. The texts of the works can be written in any of the official languages ​​of Spain. Those coming from outside of Spain must be labeled in Spanish.
The deadline for the delivery of the works will be at 23.59 hours on July 15, 2021. The date and time of the postage will be considered valid at the corresponding post office.

The presentation of the works will be made at the following postal address:

Premio de Humor Gráfico de Quevedo
Fundación Francisco de Quevedo
Paseo de la Estación, 17 – 5º D28904 – Getafe (Madrid)

The works in digital format will be sent by email or WeTransfer to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In all cases, the works must be accompanied by the registration form where participants` data are reflected, such as: name and surname, telephone number, year and place of birth, postal address and email address.

Of the works presented, a certain number will be selected, in the judgment of the Jury, for the exhibition to be held. The exhibition of the works will not generate any economic right for any of the parties.

Likewise, a catalog will be made in PDF format, which will be sent to the selected artists and, if feasible, will be made on paper, which will be sent to the awarded artists.

This 2nd edition of the International Prize for Graphic Humor “Francisco de Quevedo” consists of the following awards and financial endowment:

1st  Prize: 1,500 euros and plate
2nd Prize: 1.000 euros and plate
3rd  Price:    500 euros and plate
1 Accésit:    250 euros and plate
The amounts of the prizes will be subject to the taxes and legal withholdings that apply to them.

The winners must provide the number of a bank account and its corresponding IBAN in which the payment of each of the prizes regulated in these bases will be effective.

The winners with the 1st and 2nd Prize, who live in the Spanish territory (except Canary Islands and Balearic Islands), undertake to collect the prize in person at the event scheduled for this purpose. Transportation and accommodation expenses, if necessary, will be borne by the organization.

The jury of the Graphic Humor Contest will consist of:

A representative of the Francisco de Quevedo Foundation
José María Gallego, graphic humorist (of Gallego y Rey) – Spain.
Arturo Molero, graphic humorist – Spain.
Adriana Mosquera, graphic humorist – Colombia.
A representative of the sponsors
The Jury will act in full, being necessary the assistance of the simple majority of its members. The Jury reserves the right to declare empty any of the prizes, if in its opinion works wouldn’t have enough quality. The jury’s decision will be made within 2 months after the deadline for submission of the work and its verdict will be communicated to all participants and published on the websites of the institutions and organizing entities as well as in different media and social media.

The awarded works will become part of the funds of the Museum of Graphic Humor of Quevedo and a digital copy of them will remain the property of each of the promoters and sponsors. The authors assign all their rights for publication, exhibition and divulgation by any means, always citing their authorship and provided that no income is generated from them. In the event that the publication, exhibition and disclosure generates economic rights, 25% of these are set for the authors.

Non-awarded works will be returned by the organization, in case the shipment is expressly requested by the author. Otherwise they will also be part of the Museum of Graphic Humor of Quevedo Funds.

In all cases, whenever requested, a Certificate of Donation of the work will be delivered.

The presentation of the works implies the acceptance of these bases by all the authors.

Director  | Raed Khalil

موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
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