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I Can’t Breathe” Catalog Exhibition معرض و كتالوج "لا أستطيع التنفس" Print E-mail

I Can’t Breathe” Catalog Exhibition

معرض و كتالوج "لا أستطيع التنفس"

“I Can’t Breathe” Catalog Exhibition
The Visual Art Center Organization has launched an international cartoon exhibition on “I Can’t Breathe” to show protests against racism in the U.S.
“After the police killing of an unarmed African-American man named George Floyd, which drew nationwide protests, an international campaign named ‘I Can’t Breathe’ was launched to show protests against racism,” Masud Shojai Tabatabai, the secretary of the exhibition, said on Monday.
The organizers have received over 72 submissions from cartoonists in 27 countries across the world.
The exhibit has opened in the courtyard of the Visual Art Center Organization on Wednesday ,Jun,10,2020.
George Floyd died on May 25 after being pinned down under the knee of a white officer for 9 minutes despite yelling: “I can’t breathe”.
Floyd’s death has sparked protests nationwide and around the world, engulfing city streets with tens of thousands of demonstrators.
Many of the demonstrators who converged on the U.S. Capitol were young Blacks in their twenties who as an expression of outrage over Floyd’s death felt compelled to march in the streets for the first time.
The U.S. has been rocked by demonstrations over police slaying of unarmed Black men, women and youth over the past decade.
The demonstrators say they have been driven to protest after seeing too many videos and hearing too many stories about Black Americans dying at the hands of police officers, and by their concerns about the future of the country itself.

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