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Award ceremony of The 2nd Trumpism Cartoon & caricature Contest حول الاحتفال بمسابقة ترامبيسم الدولية الثانية في إيران PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Wednesday, 18 December 2019 21:51

Award ceremony of The 2nd Trumpism
Cartoon & caricature Contest

حول الاحتفال بمسابقة ترامبيسم الدولية الثانية في إيران

قال مسعود شجاعي إن موعد الحفل سيكون في الحادي عشر من الشهر الأول من العام القادم 2020
وذكر أن عدد المشاركين بلغ 625 رساماً من 79 دولة بمجموع لوحات بلغ 1864 لوحة

Masoud Shojai Tabatabai, the Secretary of the 2nd International “Trumpism” Cartoon and
Caricature Contest announced that as our foreign judges can’t present at the Award ceremony because
New Year coincide with the Award ceremony, and that time the embassies will be closed for Christmas,
the award ceremony will be held on Saturday, January 11 th , at the Museum of the Holy Defense.
The exact time will be announced as soon as possible.
He also added that 625 artists have send us 1864 artworks from 79 countries (198 Iranian artists),
including: Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine...
The most important news is the presence of Peter Nieuwendijk(President of FECO, federation of
cartoonists organizations) and Vice President Wiliem Reising (both from the Netherlands) affirm the
significance of the competition, the same as the presence of the best artists from Iran, Latin America, Far East, middle East, famous European
and Western and Arab artists.
The site has got 350000 visits.
He said the foreign judges of the competition, Jitet Kustana from Indonesia and Shankar Parmthy from
India will be present at the opening and the awards ceremony. The artists will also receive catalog.
Shojai said: Considering the wide Iranian artists attentions to the previous competition, they will
receive ten special awards (one million toman) + ten special medals, and honorable mention.
It should be mentioned that the 2nd International “Trumpism” Cartoon and Caricature Contest will be
held by “Iranian Sacred Defense Cinema”, “The Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense Museum” and
“Hoze-Honari”. The ceremony will be televised in all Hoze-Honari centers in Iran.



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