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5th International Cartoon Exhibition Sisak MIKS 2019 Sisak Croatia.. مسابقة سيساك ميكس الخامسة في كراواتيا PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Saturday, 03 August 2019 11:48

5th International Cartoon Exhibition Sisak MIKS 2019 Sisak Croatia..
مسابقة سيساك ميكس الخامسة في كراواتيا

الموضوع الفيلم ووجوه مخرجين عالميين
يمكن إرسال 5 رسوم في كل قسم(21×29سم دي بي آي 300..وترسل الأعمال قبل1/9/2019 إلى الايميل التالي
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ملاحظة( الأعمال الفائزة.. يجب على الفنان إرسال الأصلي إلى عنوان المسابقة البريدي)
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المادية والخاصة


The International Association of Caricature MIKS organizes the 5th International Cartoon Exhibition MIKS 2019 in Sisak.
The project leader and the President oft he Organizing Committee is a mr. Nenad Ostojić.
The exhibition is open to all authors, regardless of nationality, age, gender or profession.

Like every year so far, we have two categories.

1. Geg cartoonists have the theme “Everything about MOVIE” (your favorite movies, your favorite movie scenes, love, drama, adventure, horror, science fiction, comedy, war, witches, crime … and everything that suits the subject.)
2. The theme for the portrait cartoonists is: Famous film directors (directors)

Works must be originals and any kind of graphical tehnique will be

1. Works may be original or digital.
2. Works may be black or colored.
3. In the back of each job, print out the name, last name and address.
4. Works may not be awarded at other festivals.
5. Participate up to five (5) papers per category.
6. The artworks size can be A4 or A3 (300dpi).
7. Works must not be older than one year.

First Award 750 Eura + MIKS Plaketa
Second Prize 500 Eura + MIKS Plaketa
Third Prize 250 Eura + MIKS Plaketa
(7) seven: Special Awards

DEADLINE: 1.9. 2019

5th MIKS19 „All About Movies“
Gradski muzej u Sisku
Ulica kralja Tomislava 10,
44000 Sisak, Croatia,

Or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All info on www.cartoonmiks.hr

• Each author whose work is included in the exhibition and catalog will receive a catalog.
a. Authors who enter the exhibition and the catalog are obliged to send a copy of the work with self-signed signature via post mail.
b. Awarded Works (Awards and Special Awards). The authors of the awarded works are required to send original works via post mail.
c. All authors selected for the exhibition and catalog as well as award winners and acknowledgments will be informed in a timely manner.
d. Authors who do not submit their works to the above-mentioned proposals will not receive prizes, diplomas and catalogs.

• Awarded works remain the property of the organizer.
• Authors retain copyright in their work.
• By participating in the exhibition, the authors agree that their works can be used to promote the exhibition (catalog, poster, media publication, etc.) without charge to the author.
• In addition to the works you submit to the competition, you must submit a completed application form 5MIKS2019
• Works that do not enter the exhibition and are sent by mail to the authors at the written request and at the expense of the author.

1. Klaus Pitter (Austria)
2. Ross Thompson (UK)
3. Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bul)
4. Marko Ivić (Cro)
5. Dobroslav Bob Živković (Serbia)
6. Nenad Ostojić (Croatia)

Nenad Ostojić
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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