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8th CARTOON CONTEST ‘DE GEUS’2019, Belgium بينالي دي جيس- بلجيكا PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Saturday, 01 June 2019 22:18

8th CARTOON CONTEST ‘DE GEUS’2019, Belgium
 بينالي دي جيس- بلجيكا

الموضوع اختراعات الرجل في الماضي والحاضر والمستقبل
يمكن المشاركة ب5 رسوم أصلية لم تنشر من قبل وترسل قبل 15/8/2019
Clement Vlassenroot
Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2019
Duivenkeetstraat 16
B-9280 Lebbeke
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المادية

8th CARTOON CONTEST ‘DE GEUS’2019, Belgium
THEME: Eureka ! MAN AND HIS INVENTIONS (in the past, present and future)

The cultural association ‘De Geus’ (based in Lebbeke, Belgium) holds every two years a cartoon competition.
The competition is open to anyone aged over 18.

The cartoons sent in must be original and not have been published before. All graphic
techniques are allowed. Text is not allowed.
The cartoons are to be drawn on A4 format and 300 dpi (maximum of 3 MB per cartoon) for
digital cartoons
Cartoons sent by post need to have the name and address of the author on the back-side
of each cartoon
Each participant can submit a maximum of 5 cartoons only.

Deadline for submission is 15 August 2019
Cartoons need to be sent to:
by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or by mail: Clement Vlassenroot
Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2019
Duivenkeetstraat 16
B-9280 Lebbeke

By entering the contest, the cartoonist agrees that his/her work will be exhibited as stated
in these rules and be published in the catalog of the contest. The prize-winning cartoons
remain property of the organisers.

The jury awards the prizes autonomously.
No correspondence with the jury will be allowed on its decisions.

The jury will award five awards.
1st award : 800 Euro
2nd award : 400 Euro
3rd award : 200 Euro
4th award : 150 Euro
5th award : 150 Euro

The results of the competition will be announced on Friday 11 October 2019 at 7.30 pm in
the gallery ‘De Fontein’.
An exhibition of the selected works will take place in the gallery ‘De Fontein’ in Lebbeke on
12, 13, 19 and 20 October.

The original versions of the cartoons will only be returned when clearly specified on the
entry form. Cartoons can also be picked up on appointment with the organisers.

The organiser cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged cartoons during the

Selected participants can, on request, get a printed version of the catalog.
The catalog can also be downloaded at the following address: www.curieusdegeus.be

11 By entering the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these rules.

Director| Raed Khalil
موقع الكاريكاتور السوري الدولي
مدير الموقع: رسام الكاريكاتور السوري رائد خليل
| جميع الحقوق محفوظة|





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