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results of XVII International Salón Humor Santa Clara 2017, Cuba نتائج معرض سانتا كلارا الدولي في كوبا PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 22 December 2017 07:16

results of XVII International Salón Humor Santa Clara 2017, Cuba
نتائج معرض سانتا كلارا الدولي في كوبا

International Humor Hall of Santa Clara and has its winners

Cuban caricaturist Reynerio Tamayo Fonseca in Humor General, and Aristides Hernandez Guerrero (Ares ) in Erotic Humor, ran away with the top prizes.
20 December 2017

Cuban caricaturists Reynerio Tamayo Fonseca and Aristides Hernandez Guerrero (Ares) were the winners of the XVII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Santa Clara 2017 at the awards ceremony held on Wednesday October 20 at the headquarters of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) Villa Clara
The young graphic artist Michel Moro (right) was recognized in both categories.
Photographer Rafael de Jesús González Bernal (right) scored mention in General Humor.

According to the jury, composed of graphic artists Pedro Mendez Suarez as president, Rolando Gonzalez Reyes (Roland) and Ramiro Zardoya Sanchez sample Tamayo excelled with "expertise in graphics resources to capture the contemporary spirit" while Ares highlighted in the work until the seawall dry by "reuse and re - contextualization of Japanese printmaking to synthesize national codes."

In General Humor second prize also he went to Aristides Hernandez
and third in Moro Michel Gomez, Cuba. Obtained mentions Cuban Reynaldo Valera and Rafael Hernández de Jesús González Bernal, as well as Chinese Liu Qiang and Ester Lauringson, Estonia.

In the category Erotic Humor second place went to Reynerio Tamayo and third place was won by the Cuban Ramon Diaz Yanes (Mongo) . Mentions were given to Michel Moro and the Iranian Spideh Seifizadeh.

On the other hand, Reynaldo Hernandez Varela received the award from the Provincial Center of Visual Arts (CPAV), while Brady Izquierdo obtained the approval of the Cultural Center Mejunje of Villa Clara.

Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain: In general, a total of 462 works submitted by 150 artists from 34 countries were submitted to the contest , Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, China, Turkey and Afghanistan.
Public exposure International Humor Exhibition of Melaíto 2017.
The audience appreciated the variety of the works submitted by 150 artists Hall from 34 countries.
This time the room had Portugal as guest country and dedicated to the 49th anniversary of the humoristic supplement Melaíto, that already calls for the next event in 2018 in which the half-century of popular publication will be commemorated.

Raed Khalil

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