Cartoon Colors website… Goodbye!.. إغلاق موقع ألوان الكارتون التركي


Cartoon Colors website… Goodbye!..
إغلاق موقع ألوان الكارتون التركي

أعلنت إدارة موقع ألوان الكارتون التركي الدولي ايقاف الموقع نهائيا دون ذكر الأسباب
وشكر الموقع كل الأصدقاء وزوار الموقع خلال تسع سنوات
وتمنى الموقع الخير للجميع بما يخدم فن الكارتون في دول العالم

(Translation: Google Translate)
Since September 1, 2010, Cartoon Colors website, which has been providing domestic and international news concerning the cartoon world for nine (9) years, has decided to terminate its publication.

This; it was not an expected and desired situation. However, for a number of special reasons, it was decided that this business could no longer be sustained and there had been no news update for about 40 days.

As of today, (September 24, 2019) Cartoon Colors has ceased broadcasting; tried to be principled and impartial without sacrificing its publishing approach. In return he received two international awards.

In his relations with his interlocutors, he made contact not within the framework of the art of cartoon art, but personal. Nevertheless, we have unintentionally upset, broke followers have had friends. We apologize.

During this 9-year period, we would like to thank many of our friends who gave us strength with their moral support, who sought, communicated, supported with their lines for publication, informed us about the news and sent documents, and helped us to report and correct our mistakes.

Thanks to this unrequited effort, Cartoon Colors‘s efforts to fill a gap in the field of caricature art have found hope.

Draws goodbye to our friends here; let us state that they can follow the news and developments related to caricature on the web pages listed below (and in the next column).

We know that these pages will not make us feel incomplete.
(September 24, 2019)

Director| Raed Khalil

موقع الكاريكاتور السوري الدولي
رسام الكاريكاتور السوري رائد خليل
| جميع الحقوق محفوظة


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