Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest (AYACC) 2014 مهرجان الشباب الآسيوي للأنميشن والكاريكاتور



Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest (AYACC) 2014
مهرجان الشباب الآسيوي للأنميشن والكاريكاتور

 موضوع حر
ترسل الأعمال بحجم 21×29سم و 300 دي بي آي
إلى  البريدين الالكترونيين

قبل 18/11/2013
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والشرفية


2014 AYACC — International Cartoon and Animation Contest

Cartoon \ Comics \ illustration \ Caricature \ Animation

Great event for Asian–Pacific Youth Animation & Cartoon Arts
Platform for Asian–Pacific Young Talents

Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest is authorized by the Asian–Pacific Animation & Comics Association and hosted by the Guiyang government. Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest (hereinafter referred to as “AYACC”) aims to be the top annual award for Asian and Pacific original animation and comics.
AYACC is dedicated to integrate Asian and Pacific cultural resources, promote the influence of Asian and Pacific youth animation and comics, cultivate a cultural image of Asia and Pacific,  provide a platform of information exchange, and to boost Asian and Pacific animation industry development. It is the premier event for Asian and Pacific animation and comics.

1. To discover and foster talents.
2. To encourage original arts.
3. To stimulate technology Innovation.
4. To develop cartoon products.
5. To assist the animation industry, including production, merchandising, distribution, and brand licensing.
(A) Animated work:
All animation works submitted must be 1-22 minutes in length.
Any of the following animation types are acceptable: painted cel, computer-assisted or computer-generated, stop-motion (including clay animation), 2D work, 3D work, FLASH, puppet animation, paper-cutting work, in fact, any format except live action!
(B) Still image work:
Single-frame work; comic strips; illustration.

1. The submission should be completed after January 1st 2013 and the applicant has the copyrights of the work.
2. Entry for the Category (A) (Animated Work):
[a] All works must be submitted on DVD or CD and by Email with high definition.
3. Entry for the Category (B) (Still Image Work):
[a] All works must be submitted on DVD or CD and by Email. The format should be “.TIFF” or “.JPG” in a minimum size of 300 dpi.
[b] Any printing submission will not be accepted (work can be submitted in either computer or hand drawing; however, the electronic-version of submission is definitely required).
4. Format:
[a] compressed work such as “ .RAR ”format is not allowed
[b] animated submissions (including FLASH) should be submitted in “.MPG”, “.AVI”, “.MOV” format. For each FLASH work, a copy of “.SWF” submission and 5 still images are required separately, which is used to present character and background with a minimum size of “300 dpi” in “.TIFF” or “.JPG”.
[c] please be sure to edit 5~10 seconds blank-screen at both head and end of each animation.
[d] in case of multiple submissions, please separate each individual submission. An uninterrupted multi-work submission is not allowed.
[e] still image work must be submitted in one “.TIFF” and one “.JPG” with minimum size of 300 dpi.
5. Language:
[a] All works must be subtitled in English.
[b] The story background, synopsis, brief introduction, and character description are required in either Chinese or English electronic-version.
1. Anyone living in Asia and /or with roots in Asia and Pacific,  under age of 45, is eligible to enter; groups and individuals are eligible for entry.
2. Professional and amateur artists are eligible for entry.
3. The applicant must be the copyright owner of the submission.
4. The applicant may enter multiple works.
5. Group entries that win prizes are responsible for sharing/apportioning any prize money won among themselves.

Awards and Prizes
(A)Animation Awards

Grand Prize(1)10.000RMB
Special Jury Prize(Professional)――Best Work(2 )5.000RMB            
Special Jury Prize(Students)――Best Student work(5)3.000RMB

Single Prize:
Best Character Design(1)3.000RMB                           
Best Script & Concept(1)3.000RMB       
Best Director(1) 3.000RMB     
Best Visual Effects(1)3.000RMB 
Best Technical Innovation and Application(1) 3.000RMB     

(B) Comics & Illustration Awards
Comics Grand Prize(1) 6000RMB
Illustration Grand Prize (1) 6000RMB
Special Jury Prize(Professional)――Best Work(4)3.000RMB
Special Jury Prize(Students)――Best Student work(5)2.000RMB

Other honors
1. Trophies and certificates will be awarded prize winners and nominated applicants.
2. All prizewinners are solely responsible for paying taxes in connection with any monetary award, in accordance with all applicable local laws.
All entries go through three procedures. They are preliminary selection, semi selection, and final selection.
1. Preliminary selection
The organizing committee of AYACC will select qualified works from all entries for the semi selection.
2. Semi selection
The International Jury will select nomination works in the semi selection.
3. Final selection
All nominated works shall be judged by the International Jury. The final results will be announced during the Awarding Ceremony.
Submission Period
Entry Deadline
The entry deadline will be on November 18 , 2014.
(1) Any work, which does not relate to animation and comic or non-disc format submission will not be accepted.
(2) Each submission is allowed to submit to AYACC once. Works awarded in other contests can be submitted.
(3) A completed entry form is required for each submission; incomplete materials and unclean submissions will not be accepted.
(4) Each entry form is for ONE submission only; two or more submissions on one form will not be accepted.
(5) The completed electronic entry form, the work itself, and related materials shall be submitted at the same time to the AYACC Organizing Committee before the entry deadline. Submissions should be sent by Email ,mail, express delivery, or directly in person.
(6) Submission will not be returned; so please do not send us your only copy!
(7) Any submission sent by Internet will be accepted.
(8) Title of submission, name of applicant, and category must be labeled on the disc.
1. Entry is free. (Any cost of submission shall be borne by the applicant.)
2. Submission can be delivered either by each applicant or by group submission.
3. All required information must be filled on the form.
4. The applicant agrees that the AYACC organizing committee has the rights to publish and broadcast the submission for promotion purposes.
Awarding Ceremony
The Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 30, 2014, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.
1. The organizer of the Contest will issue the prizes and certificates.
2. The organizing committee reserves all rights for final explanation.
Contact Information
Please send your submission(s) to the following address:
Email:  ;
Please write : 2014 AYACC
Tel: 86 10 84827182    Fax: 86 10 84827182

Raed Khalil

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