Results of World Press Cartoon 2013 …..نتائج مسابقة الصحافة العالمية في البرتغال


Results of  World Press Cartoon 2013
نتائج مسابقة الصحافة العالمية في البرتغال

Greek artist Michael Kountouris, with the editoril cartoon titled «EU Rescue Team» is the winner of the World Press Cartoon 2013 Grand Prix. The cartoon was published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens.

Caricature category
1st Prize: «Evo Morales», by Pablo Lobato, from Argentina, published in the «Qué Pasa» newspaper from Santiago do Chile;
2nd Prize: «Mandela» by Jarbas Domingos, Brazil, published in «Diario de Pernambuco» newspaper from Recife, Brazil;
3rd Prize: «Messi» by Carbajo, Spain, published in «El Jueves» magazine from Barcelona.
Honourable Mentions:
«John Lennon & Yoko Ono», by Glen Batoca, Brazil, published in the «Jornal de Letras» newspaper from Rio de Janeiro;
«Mitt Romney», by Ninja, Philippines, published in the «Gulf News», Dubai;
«Kim-Jong Un», by Tet, Indonesia, published in «Kompas Morning Daily», Jakarta;
«Steve Jobs» by Bóligan, México, published in «El Universal» newspaper, Mexico City;
«François Hollande» by Cost, France, published in «Courrier International», Paris;
«Dictator Hassad», by Agim Sulaj, Albania, published in «Romagna Corriere», from Rimini, Italy.
Gag Cartoon category
1st Prize: «Low Economy», by Saeed Sadeghi, Iran, published in the «Jam-E-Jam» newspaper, from Tehran;
2nd Prize: «Who is…», by Robert Rousso, France, published in «Barricade», from Paris;
3rd Prize: «Free Warrior», by Raul Zuleta, Colombia, published in «El Mundo de Karry», from Lima, Peru.
Honourable Mentions:
«Two Worlds» by Zlatovsky, Russia, published in the «Courrier International» from Paris;
«Child Kingdom» by Firoozeh Mozaffari, Iran, published in «Etemad» newspaper, from Tehran;
«A Sea of Plastic Bottles» by Diego Herrera Yayo, Canada, published in the «L’Actualité», from Montreal;
«Mission Impossible» by Cristobal Reinoso, Argentina, published in «Diario Clarin» newspaper, from Buenos Aires;
«Rain», by Jean Galvão, Brazil, published in «Folha de São Paulo» newspaper, São Paulo, Brazil;
«Summer Tyres», by Ilian Savkov, Bulgaria, published in «Standart Bulgaria», Sofia;
«Hold Up» by Martirena, Cuba, published in «Melaito», Santa Clara;
«Confession» by Chubasco, Mexico, published in «El Chamuco» from Mexico City;
«Untitled», by Zhang Wei, China.
The jury decided to distinguish with a Special Mention the high quality work «Untitled» by late Ukranian artist Yuri Kosobukin, published in «Perets», from Kiev, as a posthumous homage to a great cartoonist.
Editorial Cartoon category
«EU Rescue Team» by Michael Kountouris, Greece, published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens;
2nd Prize: «Untitled» by Radulovic Spiro, Serbia, published in «Politika», from Belgrade;
3rd Prize: «USA greatest enemy», by Gregório de Holanda, Brazil, published in the «Diário de Pernambuco» newspaper, from Recife.
Honourable Mentions:
«Innocence of Muslims», by David Rowe, Australia, published in the daily «The Australian Finance Review», from Melbourne;
«Euro Crisis» by Tet, Indonesia, published in the «Kompas Morning Daily» newspaper, from Jakarta;
«Untitled», by Haddad, France, published in «Courrier International», Paris;
«Muhammad Cinema», by Cau Gomez, Brazil, published in «A Tarde» newspaper, from Salvador, Brazil;
«Petrol ways», by Cost, France, published in «Le Vif Express», from Brussels, Belgium;
«World of Sport» by Schot, Nederlands, published in «De Volkskrant» newspaper, from Amsterdam;
«Obama has disappointed…» by Randi Matland, Norway, published in «VG» newspaper, Oslo.
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