The 7th HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST – Deva, 2013…..مسابقة ديفا السابعة في رومانيا


مسابقة ديفا السابعة في رومانيا

المواضيع: الموضوع الحر+ موضوع كوميكس تتابع( تسلسل)..+ شخصية عالمية مشهورة+صور فوتوغرافية مضحكة
ترسل أعمال غير محددة بحجم 21×29سم و300 دي بي آي إلى الايميل التالي قبل 30/3/2013
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المادية والخاصة والشرفية
The CULTURE CENTER of Deva city, CRISAN Publishing House and The ACCES Association – as the organizers – and the founders are very glad to invite you to participate in
The event is a part of the 13th edition of Deva anual Humor Festival Liviu Oros.
R  U  L  E  S
1. The artworks must be presented in a FREE THEME, under the categories:
A.   CARTOON: drawings without any relation to a specific fact;
B.   CARICATURE: portrait with anatomic and psychological distortion of well known personalities;
C.   STRIP: drawings in sequential panels;
D.   HUMOROUS PHOTOS (PICS): good-humored photos with universal theme.
2. The 7th HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The Participation on the International Contest is free of charge. For all the cartoonists accepted in the contest, the drawings will be displayed FREE OF CHARGE on HumoDAEVAs site.
3. You can submit an unlimited number of entries. The Deadline for sending works by e-mail is 30 March 2013 at the e-mail address .
4. The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with the maximum limit of 10 MB. Works should be accompanied by the author’s photo or caricature and a short biography in English, including date of birth, education, profession, citizenship, awards, publications and exhibitions.
5. The decisions of the Jury are final. The Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, no mater the categories:
The FIRST PRIZE _____________ 1000 $ and Special Honor Diploma
The SECOND PRIZE  ___________   500 $ and Special Honor Diploma
The THIRD PRIZE  ____-_________300 $ and Special Honor Diploma
10 “Prizes of Excellence” _______                  Special Honor Diploma
Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
6. The contest results will be announced on the HumoDÆVA 2013 web site in 5 april 2013.
The prizes can be paid in Deva or can be posted to the cost of the receiver. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. The originals of the prize winning works should be sent in maximum two weeks from the results announcement, well wraped and protected against damages. Atention, this is a condition for your money prize sending! The mail adress for sending originals is:
CRISAN PUBLISHING HOUSE, Mihai. Viteazu bl 47, ap 1, 330.091 Deva, jud. Hunedoara, ROMANIA.
7. All selected cartoonists will get, free of charge, a full-color Catalogue of the 2013 HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST in PDF format.
8. The organizers retain the right to use all the drawings received to promote HumoDAEVA competition & Liviu Oros Festival (to make exhibitions in Romania or abroad, to publish them in newspapers, magazines, books, posters, postal cards, internet, multimedia products and in any other form, without any compensation or fee to the authors).
9. For further information: phone 0040 – 721328855, e-mail: .
10. By submitting the works to The HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.
Horia CRISAN,                                                                                  Liviu STANILA,
Founder of                                                             Co-founder and Art Director of 


Dear Friend,
Starting with 2001, The HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST has a new dimension – a world wide, permanent one. Any inhabitant of the planet – which has access to the Internet, of course – can see the Exhibitions (sitting comfortably at home, in his armchair), and also the prizes and the selected drawings. Those exhibitions are open non-stop, 7 days a week, from 0 until 24! And there is no entrance fee!
You can view and review at any time your cartoons witch are displayed here, or you can invite your friends to see your works. You can save the works you like, e – mail them to whoever you wish or share them.
For all of this, it’s enough to click HumoDÆVA.
In 2013, as soon as the works arrive at us, we will select and display them in the virtual gallery of HumoDÆVA 2013 . So, you can visit us from time to time, to see if your drawings arrived, how many of them were selected for the contest, and to see if you are one of the winners! 


Raed Khalil

موقع رسام الكاريكاتور السوري رائد خليل | جميع الحقوق محفوظة]








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