The 3rd International Art Festival of Resistance …..مهرجان المقاومة الدولي الثالث في إيران


The 3rd International Art Festival of Resistance
مهرجان المقاومة الدولي الثالث في إيران

المواضيع:- فلسطين (غزة)
جرائم ضد الإنسانية  • الطاقة النووية للجميع…
• حركة وول ستريت+ قسم للوجوه( القذافي- حسني مبارك- شارون…..الخ)..
يمكن إرسال 5 رسوم 21×29سم و 300 دي بي آي إلى الايميل التالي:

ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالبة والشرفية
آخر موعد:3/3/2013

Resistance means defense against all tyrannies and violations, defense against all evils and darkness, means defense against devil’s temptations, means defense against all exclusiveness, oppression and injustice, means defense against cultural assaults of the arrogance, means Unveiling the mask of liar claimants of human rights, means defending the truth of humane and divine rights of the human, means defending the human dignity and freedom, means defense against villainy, terror and aggression, means defense against the Great Satan, means defending holly Qods and Palestinian oppressed nation in the land of prophets, means defense against any occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and etc., means displaying the frequent oppressions in Guantanamo and Abu Ghuraib, the secret and terrifying prisons of Capitalist world, means defending humans throughout the earth.
Resistance means persistence on moral, cultural, humane, religious and spiritual values, means an everlasting perseverance, endurance, jihad, self- sacrifice and martyrdom, means persistence on piety, belief and good deed, means persistence on maintaining the path of prophets and messengers, means returning to divine nature of human being… means God is Unique.

Resistance is not depended on skin color, language, ethnicity and geography of the human, it is neither for a typical boundary nor a history, it is not limited to a typical time or place.
It means that Resistance flows incessantly.
Resistance means the human and universe have an origination and destination, means the world is waiting for the Divine Savior, means there persists the fight as long as the oppression persists, means the dawn is coming…
Visual Arts Association of Islamic Revolution and Holly Defense in collaboration with creative artists and cultural organizations is about to hold The 3rd International Resistance Art Festival in November 2013 in Tehran, Iran. This festival contains the artworks of contemporary artists on Resistance. Artists are invited to submit their artworks based upon the designated rules in the recall.

The 3rd International Art Festival of Resistance

Technique: Free

Maximum sending artworks: 5 Artworks. Caricatures & Cartoons.
Size: Artworks must be by format (Jpg) minimum 2953 to 4135 pixel by 300 DPI dimensions, send by online application.

Caricature Section Theme:
Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, Ariel Scharon, Saddam, Muammar Al Gaddafi,Husni Mubarak, Al Khalifa, George W Bush, Osama Bin Laden.

Cartoon section Theme:
Palestine, Nuclear Energy for Everybody and Nuclear weapon for Nobody, crime against Humanity, New Cold War, Wall Street Movement 1=99

or via Online Application:

Deadline for sending Artworks: March, 03, 2013
Tel: +98 21 88 911 214

+98 21 88 911 215
Fax: +98 21 88 911 219

Entry  Form

The 3rd International Art Festival of Resistance

Note: please fill in the following Entry Form.

First Name:                                                            Surname:

Date of Birth:                                                         Nationality:

Gender: Male   Female 

Art Category:

PaintingDrawing & PrintmakingPersian Painting (Persian Miniature)IllustrationPoster Calligraphic Painting & Typography Photography

Cartoons & CaricatureSculpture AnimationNew Arts/Conceptual ArtsResearch & Scientific Articles



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