Prof.Atila ÖZER Portrait Cartoon Exhibition ..معرض أتيلا أوزر في تركيا


Prof.Atila ÖZER Portrait Cartoon Exhibition
معرض أتيلا أوزر في تركيا

الموضوع :  شخصية الفنان التركي الراحل أتيلا أوزر
عمل واحد فقط 300 دي بي آي – 21×29سم- وسينال المشاركون ألبوم المعرض

Skişehir Tepebaşı Municipality has organized a remembrance activity for the valuable educator,researcher, cartoon artist and the manager of Anadolu University EducationCartoons Museum Prof.Atila ÖZER whomwe have lost at the date of 23 April, 2011.

In the scope of this activity, which will be organized at the date of 22-23 October 2011,

Atila ÖZER Portrait Cartoon Exhibitionwill hold a place.
This exhibition will be formed from the portrait cartoons ofAtila ÖZER implied by his drawing companions, and at the end of the exhibitionthese cartoons will be collected in an album.
In order to take a place in this exhibition and album it will be enoughto send your works in the specifications of mentioned below to the mail address of
Work number : 1 ,
Resolution : 300 dpi ,Size : A4 ,Format : jpg ,Technic : Free
The album will be send to all participants for this reason please donot forget to send your post address.
Atila Özer Portrait CartoonExhibition Executive Committee;
Ahmet Ataç , Hikmet Cerrah , VicdanÖzer , Beytullah Heper , Rahmi Emeç
Erol Büyükmeriç , Macit Bulunmaz
Knowledge about Atila ÖZER: http.//

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