9th intrnational cartoon BIENNALE 2011 PISEK CZECH REP …بينالي بيسيك التاسع في التشيك


9th intrnational cartoon BIENNALE 2011 PISEK CZECH REP
بينالي بيسيك التاسع في التشيك

الموضوع: المفاجأة
يمكن إرسال 5 رسوم 300 دي بي آي على أن ترسل  قبل 11/7/2011
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والشرفية

City of Písek and the Czech Union of Caricaturists

Potential participants:
authors from around the world older than 18 years

Entries: Topic: SURPRISE
Number of works: maximum 5
Size of work: A4, A3
in electronic form only (pdf or jpg format, 300 dpi, up to 3 MB)

Entries to the Biennale must be original and still not evaluated in
any international competition. Any apparent plagiarisms will be
disqualifi ed from the competition.
Works are to be sent exclusively by using the entry forms located

at www.cartoon-pisek.cz.
By submitting drawings, the Biennale participant consents to these
particulars of the competition and to the rules laid down by the
Competition Statute (located on the competition‘s website). Contestants
agree, among other things, that the drawings may be used
to promote the Biennale.

Deadline for submitting artwork: July 11, 2011
Th e jury holds members of the organizers as well as Czech and

foreign cartoonists and professionals.
It is the exclusive right of the jury to choose the works to be entered
into the competition, to choose a collection for exhibition and
for the catalogue, and to award the prizes.
Prizes (5 total): 1st place: 1000 € + diploma + trophy
2nd place: 800 € + diploma + trophy
3rd place: 600 € + diploma + trophy
4th place: 400 € + diploma
5th place: 200 € + diploma
Th e organizer will invite those awarded to the opening ceremony
and pay their accommodations for 2 persons for 1 night. Holders
of awards from abroad will also receive a contribution for transportation
at the maximum amount of EUR 100.
Award-winning authors absent at the opening of the authors will
be sent only a fi nancial reward and a certifi cate.
Financial awards are paid to the authors in EUR in the amount
before taxes and subject to taxation under applicable laws.
Th e exhibition and catalogue: Th e exhibition will be launched at the ceremonial announcement
of the results on September 21, 2011 and will last until October
26, 2011 in the Sladovna Písek o.p.s. (Malthouse), Velké náměstí
113, 39701 Písek, Czech Republic.
Each of the authors whose work is selected for the Biennale exhibition
collection will receive one copy of the catalogue which will
specifi cally name all participants of the Biennale.

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