The IV International Exhibition of Graphic Humor – Lima 2011 …معرض غرافيك هومر في البيرو


The  IV International  Exhibition of Graphic Humor –  Lima 2011
معرض  غرافيك هومر في البيرو

الموضوع: إعادة التدوير
يمكن إرسال عملين في الحد الأقصى بحجم 21×30 سم وقرار 300 دي بي آي إلى الايميل التالي قبل

Dear colleagues and artists:
For the fourth consecutive year, Peru will
become a real party mood with the IV
International Exhibition of Graphic Humor –
Lima 2011 and meet, as every year, teachers
global gag cartoon.
The theme this year is recycling, which is a
simple process that can help us solve many of
the problems created by our modern lifestyle.
By using recycled materials in production
processes, it saves large amounts of
nonrenewable natural resources. They can
also save renewable resources like trees. The
use of recycled products reduces energy
consumption and use less fossil fuels would
generate less CO2 and thus will be less acid
rain and reduce the greenhouse effect.
This important event on September 1, 2011,
with the traveling exhibition which will last for
several months traveling across the Peruvian
capital and the rest of the country.
You can publish a book catalog with all the
selected works and will be sent by post to all
the artists selected for the sample.
We expect your valuable input, because that
will make possible the success of the hall,
which has become the most important in this
part of Latin America.
1 – Recycling is the raw materials from waste, introducing them
back into the cycle of life and occurs at the prospect of depletion
of natural resources.
2 – You can send up to two works from his personal archives or
have been published or awarded. Can be prepared using any
technique and should only be sent email in no case shall the
3 – The play must have a resolution of 300 dpi or more and a
minimum size of A-4 (30 x 21 cm.)
4 – Along with the works should send their information (Name,
address, telephone) a short biographical sketch, a photograph or
caricature, and mailing address.
4 – The works will be sent to E-mail:

5 – The works must be sent until June 30, 2011.
6 – The reception of the works will be undertaken by the
organizers of the IV International Exhibition of Graphic Humor –
Lima 2011
7 – The selected works form the exhibition that will open on
September 1, 2011.
8 – Selected artists will receive a copy of the book luxury publish
the papers submitted to the Hall.
9 – The artists authorize us your drawings can be used on
posters, shirts, press releases and printed material to promote
the event.
10 – The artists accepted all the conditions set in the base call for
the IV International Exhibition of Graphic Humor – Lima 2011.

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