News from Cartoonale vtbKultuur Belgium2023



News from Cartoonale vtbKultuur Belgium2023

خبر من مسابقة المبدعين الثقافيين في بلجيكا
الموضوع اللون هو عجيبة الضوء
شارك 328 رساماً من 65 دولة قدموا 1004 لوحات
واختارت اللجنة 30 لوحة فقط وستوزع الجوائز في فبراير القادم 2024

The theme of this contest is “Color is the wonder of light”.


Dear cartoonist

Thank you for participating in our Cartoon Contest ‘Color is the wonder of light’.

328 cartoonists from 65 countries participated. Together they provided us with 1.004 cartoons.

Our professional jury made a selection of the 30 best cartoons. There are three main prizes and a prize for the best Flemish entry.

The 30 selected cartoons are part of an expo that will tour through Flanders from February 10th to December 31st 2024.

Unfortunately, the jury has not selected any of your submitted cartoons for our expo and therefore they will not be awarded.

Our members of the jury:

Kurt Valkeneers, cartoonist
Luc Vernimmen, cartoonist
Lise Vanlerberghe, cartoonist and illustrator
Leslie Van Osselaer, illustrator
Rudy Gheyssens, president European Cartoon Center
Frank Jaspers, director Cultuursmakers

The award ceremony will take place on Friday February 9th 2024 in Sint-Truiden.
The 4 laureates, as well as all cartoonists selected for the expo, will be notified personally.
The names of the winners will be made public after the award ceremony

We certainly enjoyed your work and hope you will participate again in our next edition in 2025.

Kind regards.

Cultuursmakers vzw


Director  | Raed Khalil
موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
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