Cartoon: A free brush in a ripped-off world -Raed khalil


Cartoon: A free brush in a ripped-off world

Caricaturists tend to analyze the facts with a different perspective from others, this analysis and incarnation are basically based on criticism with humorist, comical or wit ironical sarcasm, far away from buffoonery which contradict with the essential concept of cartoon. Joke isn’t told for laughter, but to insinuate the concealed ideas that can’t be openly expressed .

Through observations, readings and events that match the wide circle of the society , the artist is forming a solid background for the creation a certain painting. Here commences his real task in figuring, exposing and struggling for the better. The cartoonist tries to draw the attention of those who are interested in the form to look with a more down-to-earth vision away from meanless cases. That is how the caricaturist can transmit his human message in exposing some parts, opening the door for questions, insinuating minds, drawing a smile without getting a laughter. What is meant is giving the implication to people by describing the state of things as they are, with all details, unveiling most of the humanitarian aspects and people’s relationships that are mostly deformed.

The success of a caricature depends on leading the idea to the recipient regardless of the means of expression or the particular tools of the artist. Doubtless, reception differentiate from one person to another, as what makes a person laugh and motivate his feelings doesn’t necessarily hold good for another. Our reaction towards the cartoons is basically related to our acquired knowledge through education, life experience, personal accumulated culture and knowing means and ways to communicate with all their details.

Our country is witnessing a civilized and human upswing, in a renovated method and a comprehensive boom, therefore we felt it is our national duty to raise the flag of human peace , which has always been the assignment of Syria: country of peace. We have faith in the increasingly important role of art in this time of war and death. The First Syrian International Cartoons Competition for 2005 departed with the participation of 336 artists from 49 countries who presented 1340 works of art, hoping that it will be one more pillar in the edifice of historical achievements and contributions to humanity all through ages.

Raed Khalil

Director| Raed Khalil
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