9th Edition of International  Caricature Festival, Ferizaj 2023 -Kosovo



9th Edition of International  Caricature Festival, Ferizaj 2023 -Kosovo

مهرجان فيريزاج الدولي التاسع للكاريكاتور
الموضوع السكك الحديدية- العلاقة بين الناس والحرب-العمران والطبيعة+موضوع حر
يمكن المشاركة ب5 رسوم في كل قسم
ترسل الأعمال قبل 2023/6/30 إلى

ستوزع الجوائز  المالية فقط للموضوع الأول

Competition for the acceptance of works in the cartoon field.
This year, the city of Ferizaj celebrates its 150th anniversary (1873-2023)
The city of Ferizaj was born together with the railway.
The inn of Feriz Shashivar was the first building, which the city was named after (Feriz – Ferizaj). At that time, the railway brought rapid socio-economic development, where merchants from different countries and nationalities came and started their business, raising Ferizaj to a city, without being a village before. This feature has not been recognized before, not only in Kosovo but also more widely.

Topic 1: Railway as social and economic development, connection between people and war, urbanism and nature.
Topic 2: Free topic

1. Golden HiTHi (plaque and 300 €).
2. Silver HiTHI (plaque and 200 €).
3. Bronze HITHI (plaque and 100 €).
(These three prizes are only given for Topic 1).
– Also, 5 special prizes/certificates.
The jury decides for the prizes (1.2.3 and 5 special prizes).
– From this year, HITHI Kosova Cartoon also gives the “Therre Murrizi” award as a sign of respect for the work of the doyen of Kosovar cartoons, Ramadan Zaplluzha.
– The winner of the “Therre Murrizi” medal is selected by the HITHI Kosova Cartoon Association!

– Each applicant can send up to 5 works (per each topic), in black and white or in color.
Size 210×297 mm, min. resolution 300 dpi, and JPG format.
– Send to: hithi.kosova@gmail.com
subject: Name, Surname, Country and topic.
The deadline for submission of works:
22 May until to 30 June 2023.



Director | Raed Khalil
موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
جميع الحقوق محفوظة


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