Sardines Contest 2023, Portugal



Sardines Contest 2023, Portugal

مسابقة السردين الدولية في البرتغال
الموضوع سمك السردين
يمكن المشاركة ب3 رسوم فقط
ترسل عبر الدخول  للموقع والتسجيل أولاً..
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز للمحترفين والهواة
آخر موعد هو 2023/5/4
Sardine Contest
Conditions of Participation
Article 1
(Object and copyright)
1. The Sardine Contest is an initiative run by Empresa de Gestão de Equipamentos e Animação Cultural, E.M., S.A,
hereinafter referred to as EGEAC. It aims to encourage as many people as possible to produce sardine designs to be
used in the Festas de Lisboa communication campaign.
2. The sardine designs submitted as part of this contest are intended to be used freely by EGEAC, under the terms and
criteria defined by EGEAC, in any and all materials produced for the promotion, dissemination and/or communication of
the “Festas de Lisboa”, including in exhibitions, freely distributed publications, social networks and promotional spots,
amongst others.
3. Ownership of the copyright of the sardine designs submitted as part of this contest belongs to EGEAC for the purposes
foreseen here, in accordance with the provisions set out in article 14, paragraph 1 of the Code for Copyright and Related
Rights. As such, EGEAC will hold the rights over them as provided for in articles 67, 68 and 159 of the abovementioned
Code, namely the right to: reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the designs, specifically including the right
to disseminate them, publish them in the press or display them in public by any other means; to distribute them or
disseminate them by any means of sign, sound or image reproduction; to adapt them to any physical structure; to make
any modifications to them; to use them within other pieces of work; and to reproduce them, directly or indirectly,
temporarily or permanently, by any means and in any form, as a whole or in part.
4. EGEAC’s use of the sardine designs submitted as part of this contest for non-commercial ends, without any time
limitations or other limitations, does not confer on the respective author(s) the right to any supplementary payments
or benefits, be they financial or of any other nature.
5. EGEAC’s use of the sardine designs submitted as part of this contest for commercial purposes will always be the
subject of a specific agreement to be detailed in a contract and signed by both parties.
6. Sardine designs submitted as part of this contest must make reference to their participation in the “Festas de Lisboa’23
Sardine Contest” whenever they are used by their creators or third parties. EGEAC must also be made aware of their
use beforehand.
7. Participation in this contest, through the submission of a design, presupposes the understanding and complete and
unreserved acceptance of the conditions set out in these conditions, as well as the specific, informed and unequivocal
acceptance of the collection, use, recording and processing of the personal data provided during the application process.
Article 2
1. The Contest is aimed at all people of all ages: Portuguese nationals; foreigners, both resident and non-resident in
Portugal; groups and individuals;
2. The following persons may not enter the contest: employees or partners of EGEAC or the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa,
as well as the spouses, partners, children and parents of the aforementioned persons.
Article 3
(Conditions of participation)
1. Entries may be submitted individually or jointly (co-authorship), with each applicant allowed to submit a maximum
of three sardine designs.
2. Entrants are responsible for the originality of the designs submitted, which must be of their own authorship, and are
legally liable for any third-party claims relating to copyright, related rights and personality rights or any others arising
from the applicable law.
Article 4
(Essential requirements for design entries)
1. Sardine design entries must be previously unpublished and original.
2. Design entries submitted must be recognizable as sardines and not confused with other any fish; a sardine-shaped
outline is available on the following website:
3. Sardine design entries may be produced using any technique, manually (on paper/cardboard, collages, photographs
or three-dimensional objects) or digitally. Manual designs must be photographed and/or digitalised.
4. Sardine design entries may not contain any element identifying their creator(s), or make reference to brands or logos,
including” Festas de Lisboa”.
Article 5
(Registering for the contest and submitting designs)
1. You can register for the contest by completing the entry form on
2. Registration of contest entrants must comply with the following guidelines:
i) Entries by minors: registration must be completed in the name of the minor, with a parent/legal
guardian providing his/her own details in the relevant section;
ii) Joint entries (co-authorship): registration must be completed in the name of the person who will
be the focal point, with other contributors identified in the relevant section:
iii) Entries by entities, companies, educational institutions, IPSSs (Private Social Solidarity Institutions),
non-profit organisations, and other groups: registration must be completed under the name of the
group, with the person responsible for the entry providing their own details in the relevant section.
3. Sardine designs must be submitted digitally as part of the registration completed on by uploading a
JPEG/JPG file (max. 50MB), A3 size (42cm x 29.7cm) and with a resolution of 300dpi.
Article 6
(Contest calendar and announcement of results)
1. The contest calendar is as follows.
a) The deadline for the submission of designs is: 4 May, 2023.
b) The winning designs will be announced by May 31, 2023.
2. Contest winners will be informed by email and/or telephone.
Article 7
1. 5 (five) winning sardine designs will be awarded prizes.
2. Each winning design will be awarded a net cash prize of €1,500 (one thousand five hundred euros).
3. Prizes will be awarded upon the presentation of a receipt in accordance with Portuguese tax law.
Article 8
1. The 5 winning sardines designs will be selected by a group appointed by EGEAC, which will take the following factors
into consideration:
a) The design’s creativity and originality.
b) The design’s legibility and adaptability to other communication materials.
2. The appointed group is solely responsible for defining the methodology used to select the 5 winning designs.
3. The group’s decisions will be taken by majority vote and will not be subject to any appeal or claim.
Article 9
1. Any queries relating to the interpretation of these conditions must be sent to the following email address:
2. The resolution of any queries relating to the interpretation of these conditions, as well as any omissions, is the
exclusive responsibility of EGEAC and will be communicated by EGEAC by whatever means it deems appropriate.


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