The First International Cartoon Exhibition – Sofia 2010

 معرض صوفيا الدولي الأول في بلغاريا2010
الموضوع: المدينة..؟
يمكن إرسال 3 رسوم جي بي جي إلى الايميل التالي:
آخر موعد30/8/2010
القسم الثاني من المسابقة للموضوع نفسه
آخر موعد 30/9/2010
– ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المادية والشرفية
The First International Cartoon Exhibition – Sofia 2010

Sofia Municipality, Cartoon Section at the Union of Bulgarian Artists, FECO – Bulgaria, SRN – Bulgaria

THEME: What City….?!.

The city we can’t do without.
This is a comprehensive theme: We can’t do without all the stress, rubbish, confusion, traffic jams, chaos, dirt,
excessive construction, alienation, aggression, severe stratification, throngs of people, noise, and a feeling

of loneliness in the midst of crowds; without disease (there is the so called asphalt coefficient for allergies – city dwellers
are much more frequently afflicted by it), lack of enough physical exercise, degradation of humanness to the level of
commodity, deficiency of water and heating and services and energy in general; to cut it short, without all that
apocalypse that for the time being seems to be far away but could become reality even in foreseeable future.

Here. The place we live in. In the city we can’t do without.

1st round deadline : August 30, 2010 – Participants may send maximum 3 entries in a digital format

(JPEG, good quality and max 700 KB for each entry) to this email address:
The best 120-150 nominations of the first round will qualify for the 2nd round.

2nd round deadline : September 15, 2010 – All participants of the 2nd round will be notified either via e-mail or post.

They must send signed originals latest by the 15th september 2010 – copies will not be accepted!
Should the deadline not be met, the application will be disqualified and the following best
entry from the first round will be nominated to take part in the final round.

First prize: 2000 EUR
Second prize: 1000 EUR
Third prize: 500 EUR
10 Special prizes

The artists should mention in their email: name, surname, address, email address, title or number of each entry.
The cartoons submitted for the competition must not have been awarded in other contests.
A jury will make a selection of 120-150 entries from the 1st round and their authors will be asked to send the originals by mail.
These originals will be included in the exhibition, in the prize distribution, and in the exhibition catalogue.
Their dimensions must be DIN A4 (210×297) – DIN A3 (297×420); they must be drawn on a good quality paper, without frames or passe-partout.
On the back of every original the artists must mention their full name, mailing address, email address, and the work’s title or number.
The technique is free, black and white or colour; the entries may bear no captions. Digitally created artworks will also be accepted.
They must be signed by the artist and numbered.
Photographs or copies of the original works will not be accepted.
The exhibition is to be opened on October 20, 2010. Enlarged copies of the works will be shown in the open air on the bridge behind
the National Palace of Culture, and the originals will be exhibited at the Sofia City Gallery.
The entries selected for the exhibition, as well as the awarded works will be included in the catalogue.
Every participant in the exhibition will receive a copy of the catalogue.
The results of the exhibition will be announced on the exhibition website:
By virtue of their participation artists agree to allow the organizers to print their works for promotional purposes.
The artists who want to sell their works should put a price on the back; they must have in mind that 30 %
of the price will go to the gallery that made the sale.
The awarded works will remain property of the Sofia City Gallery, thus initiating the collection International Contemporary Cartoon.
The other works will be sent back to the artists together with the catalogue.

Good luck!,

 With Best Regards,
Trayko Popov

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