False Competitions!!

False Competitions!!
مسابقات فالصو…
أنتقد موقع إيران كارتون المسابقات الخلبية التي تقام في العالم، وقد ذكر أن من بين تلك المسابقات الـ(فالصو) ، مسابقة سون شيني في اليابان
التي أعلنت عن مسابقتها الشهرية وعن جوائز مالية كبيرة ، وانتقد مدير الموقع مسعود شجاعي عدم احترام تلك المسابقات لأبسط معايير العمل المهني الأخلاقي
وإهمال الرسائل التي تستفسر عن ماهية المسابقة..
وهو سؤال برسم الطرح.. لماذا يقيم البعض مسابقات وهمية وما هو الهدف من ذلك؟
أسئلة للنقاش……..!

False Competitions!!

We recently see many competitions that have no evidence for being credible, and become a reason for unreliability and confusion of world artists.
We can mention Sun Shine competition as one of these kinds of contests. We see many problems in this Contest that shows its falseness.
1) In all Japanese contests, some of the Jurors are Japanese, but in this contest they don�t have even one Japanese Juror.
2) The entry from to participate in this Competition is not in Japanese Language, and this is an unusual process.
3) The prizes of this Competition are really unbelievable and are even more than closed Yomiuri Shimbon Competition.
4) This competition by the great prizes even doesn�t have a website for giving information, and they just gave one Email address.
5) Responsible of this False competition don�t give any answer to our correspondence, and don�t response our questions.
So it�s obvious that such Competitions are unreliable, and we can�t rely on them.
Iran cartoon Site by its professional activities and to lighten the mind of world cartoonist condemns these delusive
activities and ask cartoonists by not participating in such contests confront them.

*The competition is open to all cartoonists from all over the world any professional and amateur over 20 years.
* The participants must be send their personal information, photo, and short biography with their cartoons.
* The works should have been awarded in no other cartoon contest. * The cartoons should be in JPG format, in 1200 pixel size, and with 150 dpi resolutions.
One work.
* The cartoons should be sent to:

* any technique will be accepted (any style, digital or by hand).

* The sun shine organizers hold all the rights to publish the cartoons submitted to the contest and use them for promotional purposes and use them in any form.

* Political cartoons should not be submitted to the Competition.

* All the cartoonists whom their cartoons are displayed in the exhibition will receive a free cartoon book.

* Participation in the contest means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions and agreements with jury’s.

Themes each month:
Apr: game for children and elders.
May: attire, cosmetics, and barber.
Jun: crisis in nature and environment.
Jul: football and world cup.
Aug: crisis in the sky and pollution.
Sep: soldiers and war.
Oct: issues related to water.
Nov: space sciences.
Dec: my favorite subject.
Deadline for monthly prizes:
30 each month

* The results Monthly Prizes of the competition will be announced 15 each month.

1) Monthly Prizes:
* Special Prizes for 10best cartoon and select for main prizes.
2) Main Prizes:
Grand Prize: 12000 dollars + sun shine medal+Certificate.
Gold Prize: 6000 dollars+ sun shine medal+Certificate.
Silver Prize: 3000 dollars+Certificate.
Bronze Prize: 1500 dollars+Certificate.
Special Prizes and Honourable Mentions.
The final results Main Prizes of the competition will be announced on Jan 2011.


* The Jury members are from: Poland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Romania,
Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria!!!

Contact us for any question:
Chairman office:


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